5 Jan The new rules for 8th edition regarding missile weapons allows you to fire these in two ranks, which now adds a lot of versatility. For a narrow. Find great deals for Warhammer Fantasy Ogre Kingdoms 8th Edition Army Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!. My good friend dug out his ogre kingdoms army recently and we played a couple games of 8th edition. He has been unceremoniously tabled.

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That’s impressive rolling sir. These creatures go through the process of petrifaction and therefore will turn to stone once they are old enough many adventurers or miners chip at them when they halfway through kingdoma which is usually the last mistake they ever make.

WFB: Ogre Kingdoms Unit by Unit Reviews – Bell of Lost Souls

Personally speaking, OK is one of the simple to play TT factions imho, as all you need to do is get the fat bois stuck in and start swatting. However, once this lumbering mass hits, it hits hard extra bonus charge. The charge bonus should only happen if you have constantly going in a straight line or Ogres can be unique and you can declare charges with an ability. These enormous swarms of Gnoblars go about pillaging and plundering, looking for shiny things to take and prisoners to torture for their own satisfaction, overwhelming the hardiest of foes by sheer weight of numbers alone.

Leadbelchers are your primary exception, as well as your Ironblaster cannon, Thus use them wisely and carefully. We did a small game, just to get the feel kindoms some of the rules. This is a magic weapon which requires two hands and increase Bragg’s strength when used. Maneaters-These are mercenary Ogres and ones that have usually travelled in many distant lands. The past 6 months has been a real treat for me.


Mostly big charges to make use of all those impact hits and brawling with infantry, very little can go toe to toe with Ogres but be aware of the ones that can. If it is the three remaining major factions plus one minor faction then I can’t say what the plot will be about Daemons of Chaos will be the major bad guys though for certain. Skrag is high level wizard character that uses the Lore of the Great Maw and is armed with two hand weapons. They had vast fortresses that were part of the mountains themselves and were above the clouds as well.

Sure, no-one was singing that they were as broken as Skaven or Daemons but the changes of the new edition brought enough of a see-change that even though people still decried them as bottom of the ladder we could now bring the pain and shock people. The Ancient Giant Lands have the remains of their ancient civilization and would have vast stone buildings scattered as if by a careless god. Thundertusk -This creature is the more the support monster but has equally great stats as well. I’ve recently invested in some Ogres as my latest Fantasy army due to the great new stuff they get edirion their kigdoms updated Army Book.

Warhammer Stats – A resource for all unit stats in the Warhammer series. It is likely that they were left unfinished as the polar gates had collapsed and ushered in Chaos.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Ogre Kingdoms

Still a great choice, but the competition got a lot fiercer… by being allowed at all. A ogre unit should have very few models in it, maybe as few as 6 or The idea of an army consisting of very few but rally strong units is really intresting and I like how out warha,mer and crazy they are. This does not work if Greasus himself is fleeing. Only speed and range let this unit down but those are small disadvantages for something as deadly as this.

Warhammer Armies Project: Warhammer: Ogre Kingdoms 8th Ed out now!

Lore of Fire offers decent offensive spells and the Firebelly himself is a useful hero, with some solid combat abilities. I honestly think the normal RnF shooting armies pose a lot less of a threat to ogres then you think they will.


Bragg the Gutsman -Similar to Golgfag, Bragg was also a Hero option he was a Bruiser to be exact on the tabletop and should be made a Lord option. Slaughtermaster — this magic user is the real winner of the new book. Use them to harass the enemy and support your own troops. For lower point games, or even you need to spend most of your points on your main unit bulls or Irongutsand your characters.

I managed to loose the first round of combat, but held my ground. The first two are Fear and Ogre Charge which you know. Hey guys, i’m new to the site, and new to 8th ed.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Ogre Kingdoms Army Book 8th Edition Hard Back

Buildings can keep their level as Ogres move and pack up when migrating and quickly set up again what they had built building is taken apart, carried on animals and built again on the new spot. BS5 would be too high for Ogres imo.

And what would you consider a must have in every list?

They spend much of their time catching frogs, fish and other amphibious or reptilian critters, dissecting them with broken sticks and eating 8t alive. So I’m curious, what do people think about the new Army Book? Hope they will do them proud: Well, if he fills a similar role, I’m happy enough with that.