India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age [Gurcharan Das] on *FREE* shipping on. The nation’s rise is one of the great international stories of the late twentieth century, and in India Unbound the acclaimed columnist Gurcharan Das offers a. First published in , the best-selling India Unbound has been translated into several languages ‘Gurcharan Das has written a paean to liberalization (India.

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He says that Indian are skeptic about the reforms on a global front for unbound india gurcharan das basis irregular cultural views and in turn has resulted in depleted state of affairs in the rural part of the country which forms the larger junk of India.

He also concedes this disconnect by describinh his generation as “Macualays children” and not “Manus children”. Overall the book is very indi and Interesting and I will suggest this book to anyone who wants to know about liberalization in simple words of successful manager in the Socialist India. Personally as someone with slightly left of centre views on fiscal matters this was very enlightening and Unbound india gurcharan das believe necessary, as Das is wholeheartedly pro-capitalism in his ideas but he sells them well and address the problems with interest This is is a really insightful book chronicling India’s journey post independence in unbound india gurcharan das economic world.

A well written book from the perspective of a businessman. Even now because of poor policies its difficult for the country progress inspite of high investments.

Read more Read less. I can’t think of any other book that deals with India’s economic-political history in such an insightful fashion. For the less patient younger generation, this book should serve as a record of what held India and Indians back for an entire generation. The post independence unbound india gurcharan das policy followed the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru is socialist in nature which gives all the control over the industry to the public sector.

India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age

The drama and the personae are wonderfully captured and in spite of being a well-worn story it literally keeps the reader at the edge of the seat as it unfolds unbound india gurcharan das a Bollywood drama, full of machinations and quick steps and side steps – a subtle dance that Das takes great pleasure in composing unbound india gurcharan das unravelling.


The success of the Italian, French, and Chinese small business enterprises suggests that being a family firm per se is not necessarily a disadvantage. In that aspect the book is been able to built the intimacy with the reader.

In this master piece, Gurcharan Das has simplified the modern History of India since independence in very interesting ways. Here is a person who has not only seen the changes happen but has been unbound india gurcharan das active agent of change. Oct 02, Ashutosh Dwivedi rated it it was ok. Many of the caricatures are flimsy, and many of the generalisations pe Re-read India Unbound after 8 years. He says its high time that India stops battling between the conservative Nehruvian socialist caste ridden views and new global capitalism.

Books about the economy of Unbound india gurcharan das Economic history of India —present Books about economic policy. Das does not use this book to lambaste India, and draws on a personal zeal to encourage an advancing India by way of his experience in the international arena, having seen the many sides of India i.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. I could only conclude that it must be difficult for one man to take on the challenge of elucidating all four. Das is obviously enthusiastic unbound india gurcharan das the possibilities that the knowledge economy has opened up for India, but he thoughtfully examines these economic options within the framework of the cultural past and future of a country on the “brink of the biggest transformation in its history.

India Unbound: Gurcharan Das: : Books

Lack of succession planning has given us an unruly, autocratic PM, ironically his daughter and has set us back for couple of decades more. Throughout the book,the reforms of are stressed on a lot and the book can be divided into before an A very detailed account of the transformation of india over the 60 unbound india gurcharan das of independence.


To ask other readers questions about India Unboundplease sign up. Though mindful of Jawaharlal Nehru’s influence on India’s embrace of democracy, Das takes to task the economic leadership of the man who, while beginning his democratic rule with ambitions to end “poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity” ultimately failed in this regard.

The book portrays “market” as though Well written, but biased arguments in favour unbound india gurcharan das capitalism, understandably because of the author’s background. He further charts the challenges facing the economy and how to go about dealing with them. The ideas in the book are lucidly explained in short chapters. As other authors cherish the revolution that unbound india gurcharan das with independence inGurcharan Das does not find full cause for jubilation untilwhen India unleashed a series of economic reformsthe start unbound india gurcharan das an “economic revolution” that he believes “may well be more important than the political revolution.

But she did not she instead went ahead with more rigorous restrains. Well written, but biased arguments in favour of capitalism, understandably because of the author’s background. About India Unbound India today is a vibrant free-market democracy, a nation well on its way to overcoming decades of widespread poverty. I am sure there are more uses, as it is overall, an entertaining, insightful and well composed memoir. He asks why an man who now known as man who liberalized India did not do anything when he was in the position unbound india gurcharan das do it.

Read if you want to know about the problems people faced during the license raj and why reforms were necessary. A bit dated edition but still relevant. Moreover, Indira Gandhi made the situation After unbound india gurcharan das the book, I came to know the importance of economic reforms.