NADI ASTROLOGY Prasana A Contemporary Treatise UMANG TANEJA . This book includes chapters according to all the nine events of life in a native viz. Umang Taneja is the author of A Text book of Astrology ( avg rating, 4 ratings , 1 review), Prashna ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews), Accurate. List of products by producer Umang Taneja. Nadi Astrology – Accurate Predictive Methodology By Umang Taneja. Publisher: Umang Taneja. Price: ₹

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Cuspal Sub lord of 11 th House is Mercury which signifies 2,6,10, Illustration – 14 When will I sell the Cottage? Ketu, Sun, Moon and Jupiter in the Horoscope deny marriage. Whatever may be the Antra since Dasa and Bhukti are bad husband will not get bail.

Loss of Property Loss of property can be due to various reasons like losing in litigation, Mafia, attachments etc. In Transit Jupiter and Mars are conjunct and Sun joins both of them then this condition of conjunction of Mars, Sun and Jupiter all conjunct together will remain there for from a number of days to a month. Ket 2Y 5M 15D This is a very ticklish question. For any event to happen Dasa should be given the maximum weight age. The new change will be like the other side of the coin.

Dasa of Rahu was in operation at the time of asking the question which signifies divorce. Natal Horoscope Date. Girl got married to the boy after three months of asking the question. Bhukti of Moon signifies 11,12; 6,7,10; 11,12 in Planet, Nakshatra and Sub lord respectively.


Combination of 5,8,12 signifies total loss hence 11 will not be able to handle it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Chapter- 11 Ruling planets – Ruling Planets, Illustrations.

In 11 years of practice of Astrology and hundreds of my students who are practicing all over we have got such questions out of the thousands of questions answered so far, A native will not ask question when he is feeling shy or have fear to ask the questions.

In case of seed for Bopks Dasa lord Venus is signifying 3,9,12; 2,4,11; 7,11; 3,11 combinations. Venus also signifies 6,10,11 in Nakshatra and 5,9,12 in Sub lord and Planet, Venus is positive. In the chapter muang Ruling Planets it is explained with illustrations how the answer to questions are given of the events, which are expected to happen within a day.

Books By Umang Taneja

Even Venus signifies 2,7,11 in Sub lord which suggests the daughter will marry this boy. Husband of the lady got bail the next day.

Sub lord Moon and Dasa lord Mars signifies love marriage. Experience in “Horary Astrology” has shown that if its principles are strictly followed the system gives accurate results because the time of asking the question is correct. Illustration – 13 Whether the new stall at Germany will be fruitful or not?

When the combination of 6,11 appears in the relevant DBA subsequently then umng native wins in the litigation.

Antar Lord Mars is positive but since Dasa and Bhukti lords are bad it will not be tanej to help. In such case an excellent Bhukti signifying 2,6,10,11 is required for promotion.


However following are the links of syllabus of courses http: Next Antra is of Jupiter which signifies 3,5 in Nakshatra.

Native purchased property in October in the aforesaid DBA. Dasa lord also signifies combination 5,10 of strong determination therefore there is all the possibility that she will marry sheikh. He was among the first five Indian students selected by University of Moscow for M. Therefore native sells vehicle in the DBA of Venus signifying the combination of 3,5, Notify me of new comments via email.

In this book the principles of “Nadi Astrology” have been followed. However in the western countries it is an association of two persons to live together with or without getting married formally.

Full text of “Jyotish books”

Being 12 th from the 2 rd House, family. Our Nerves end in the palms of the hands and all the thinking of our brain is reflected through hands, which are guided by the brain through nervous system. Ketu Bhukti in Rahu Dasa had been up to December First Bhukti will be of Mars itself and next Bhukti is of Rahu which signifies 3, If the Cuspal sub lord signifies the combinations connected with the House the House is strong.

If the question is about transfer to native’s homeland combination 2,4,11 should appear in DBA.