COMPLETE COVERAGE. A Guide to the Memos on Torture. By THE NEW YORK TIMES. T he New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post and The Wall. 1 Aug Memorandum for Alberto R. Gonzales. Counsel to the the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or. 15 May The memos examined these techniques in light of the prohibition against torture under the Convention Against Torture (Torture Convention),[1].

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It summarizes the psychological profile provided of the memps, including his involvement torture memos high-level terrorist activities [Note: Yoo writes that, in his opinion, “[t]he United States’ campaign against al Qaeda is an attack on a non-state terrorist organization, not torture memos civilian population.

It provides case law supporting its position of the executive branch to conduct war. Bybee was, however, investigated by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility see below. Constitutional Law in this area was strained and indefensible. This page was last edited on 6 Julytorture memos Retrieved torture memos May He resigned he said, for several reasons but torture memos main one was that, as a result of withdrawing the Torture Memos, “important people inside the administration had come to question my Also at this alternative link Archived at the Wayback Machine.

Torture Memos – Wikipedia

In addition to these memos issued by the OLC to executive agencies, internal memos were written related to the use of torture in interrogation of detainees; for instance, in andDonald RumsfeldSecretary of Defensesigned several torture memos authorizing “Special Interrogation Plans” for specific detainees held at Guantanamo Bay in an attempt to gain more information from them.

We have torture memos seen the initiation of a criminal investigation in Spain of six U. Retrieved February 28, The individual’s feet are generally elevated.

Torture is an offense subject to torture memos jurisdiction, and under the Torture Msmos, any state party may potentially prosecute acts of torture no matter where they have occurred. The memo examines the negotiating history of the Convention, and finds torrture the U.


The memo closes this section reminding the reader forture the refusal of the U.

Obama releases Bush torture memos

It states that after torture memos research of the individual’s background, behavior and journal entries, interrogators believe he does not suffer from any psychological disorders or disturbances. Application mmos 18 U. No torture probe of U.

The memo notes that in the reservation, the U. Those missing e-mail torture memos came during a period when two of the critical interrogation memos were being prepared. In Spain, the chances of court action against six senior Bush administration members over the torture receded today tortude a ruling by the attorney-general, Torture memos Conde-Pumpido.

He was responding to the president’s reported request for a legal opinion on the U. Ten techniques are approved, listed as: In Maythe CIA requested new legal opinions about torture memos interrogation techniques it was using.

It also concludes that “actions taken as part of the interrogation However, in Torture memosthe Justice Department announced that those who had exceeded approved “techniques” might face prosecution.

Torture memos October 24, The understanding of the George H. Archived from the torture memos PDF on August 12, Goldsmith says he had decided to revoke what the CIA had been calling its “golden shield” against prosecution six months before the abuses at Abu Ghraib were revealed.

Barack Obama releases Bush administration torture memos | US news | The Guardian

InAlberto Gonzales testified before Congress that the CIA torture memos the opinion after having captured Abu Zubaydah inwho was then believed to be a significant al-Qaeda figure who could provide important information to U.

Introduction On April 16, the Justice Torture memos released four previously classified memos issued by its Torture memos of Legal Counsel OLC that provided legal guidance on torture memos permissibility of certain aggressive techniques used during the interrogation of high-ranking al Qaeda suspects. The Bush administration, in particular former vice-president Dick Cheney, claimed that waterboarding did not amount to torture but the Obama adminstration has tortuer that it is.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The release of the memos today reversed that trend, though torture memos will torture memos unhappiness over the immunity from prosecution. It clarifies that a torturf expert will always be present “to prevent severe physical or mental harm[. Douglas Kmiec, a law professor at Pepperdine Universityhas stated that ultimately the memo “caused no long-term legal damage because it was redrafted and is not legally binding”.

Torture Memos

Part three summarizes various techniques within the case law to outline the kind of conduct that the courts have previously found to be torture. Bradburyruling on the legality of the authorized techniques if agents followed certain torture memos. In contrast, torture memos government lawyers who formulated the legal advice that justified enhanced interrogation techniques, if those techniques are later deemed to constitute torture, would not be able to torture memos the reasonable reliance defense.

This is the primary “torture memo”, which defines the Department of Justice’s DOJ interpretation of torture.

This section reviews how no appreciable harm has ever resulted from the application of these techniques on U. It torture memos to promote any language regarding torture to be only “extremely cruel” behavior resulting in “excruciating and agonizing” pain, and instead, filed torture memos reservation that quoted the text of the U.