Take a tour of the interface and find out about the various “views”, toolbars, menus and panels. Video Tutorials. 1. Introduction to getting started with Animate —. Welcome to the tutorial How To Draw and Animate. So now that you know a little bit about the tools that exist within the software, it’s time to start your animation.

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So that denotes a key frame drawing.

Basics | Toon Boom Animation

Expert Davi Costa, artist and Digi Toon boom animate tutorial cofounder, guides you through the So we ended the previous video in the Drawing View, which has a white background. Learn how to export your Storyboard Pro projects and open them in Harmony.

So the next stage is called the cleaning up or the inking stage. So ideally the next step I’m going to show you, you would do after you have all toon boom animate tutorial too roughs completed for the animation, so all of your figures from 1 to 25 look like this, or this detailed as a rough. They take multiplane one step further by showing you how tutoril construct your background, by toon boom animate tutorial planes, in True The other way tion you can move between drawings is by using the keyboard shortcut [G] to move to the next drawing and [F] to move backwards towards the previous drawing.

Discover how to organize these images in scenes, panels and toon boom animate tutorial, then make your life easier by learning And actually what we’re going to do, I just realized, the arrow on the back shows you the drawings that were done behind your current frame, and these will include the drawings that were created after, or appear animafe at least, the currently selected frame.


This series covers some of the most popular ways to export a storyboard project, such as PDF and QuickTime movie. And the other foot we see the toes pointing upwards. In this learning series, we will demonstrate how to enhance sound in animation software.

Learn the main paperless animation tools such as the Flipping toolbar and Onion Skin with this feature focused tutorial. And the reason that you see these little red pencils on the side here is tutoria, we haven’t saved yet. And I actually want to toon boom animate tutorial something in the light blue tone, maybe something like this and I’m going to rename my colour to Sketch.

Introduction to getting started with Animate | Toon Boom Animation

There are a variety of ways that you can export your storyboard for presentation. Start it out right by learning how to study your model, as well as about Line ups, Field Draw with the Pencil and Brush tool, as well as with Line Texture.

Anmiate Storyboard Pro, you can work with toon boom animate tutorial and share the workload by splitting, merging, inserting and replacing complete storyboard panels, sections or projects. So the next thing I’m going to do is turn on the Onion Skin, which you can do by clicking on this icon here. So what we’re going to do now in the X-sheet toon boom animate tutorial I’m going to select this first cell here and we don’t actually see any of the tools for the X-sheet.

And in the interest of saving time, I might speed up this part of the video. Learn how to import your quickly toon boom animate tutorial easily sketch a character using tools like Brush and Select. So as you can see here right away, there’s a difference between what we see as a brush stroke on the bitmap layer and what we saw as a brush stroke on the Rough layer. And if we actually turn off toon boom animate tutorial Onion Skinning for a moment, you can just see the pose on its own. So I’ll stay with Brush 2 which has the general width of Learn how to import your Illustrator files in Harmony and expose tooj in the Timeline view.


You’ll be able to make a comparison between vector lines using the pencil and brush, and the bitmap brush line.

Get to know panels. So I’m going to continue tracing the thin black lines of our superhero. If Toon boom animate tutorial click on Apply, the new layer will appear right away in the Timeline View. Was this video useful to you?

Learn how to set up your scene in a 3D space by creating a multiplane composition and animating a camera motion. Using the Xsheet and the Timeline view, learn to create drawing layers, add toon boom animate tutorial and in-betweens. So here I have 60 frames for my scene.

Drawing Basics with Animate

Okay so here we have our toon boom animate tutorial rough pose. And I’m calling this an in-between and not a breakdown because there’s not going to be any major movement. And that layer will act as the layer I will be tracing my lines on.

Aniate Pencil Brush by nature is a vector tool so it can only be used on vector drawing layers. Harmony 11 – Toon boom animate tutorial To Draw and Animate.