Damar Tantra Shivambu Kalpa With Mantras – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. 18 Feb I shall expound to you the recommended actions and rituals of Shivambu Kalpa that confer numerous benefits. Those well versed in the. Its “method of drinking urine for rejuvenation” is outlined in the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi, part of a 5,year-old document called the Damar Tantra, linking this.

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To the above question – I have been doing urine therapy since January and have not followed a single recommendation in that Indian text and have still seen many benefits from the practice. U take it back.

Shivambu Shastra – Healing with Urine Therapy

Although much attention has been focused on many elements in urine and their potential for medical use, comprehensive research has not yet been conducted on urine as a total entity that is therapeutically applied. There were lot of persons posting their testimony about how he cured them.

The Contraceptive Pill may be rendered less effective, because of the increased fertility and additional hormones being fed back into the system. Where do you live? The ancient Ayurvedic practice of urine therapy is undergoing a resurgence, as its myriad health benefits are being explored by scientists, health practitioners and the general public.

Within a period of three months, the follower of the therapy becomes a symbol of learning and enjoys excellent eyesight. This is light and fine and excellent for massage.

One such powerful practice for healing that is continuing to flourish today is Shivambu Shastra, respected for thousands of years as the “Mother of Ayurvedic Medicine” and commonly known as “Self-Urine Therapy”. Verse 14 After eight months the human body will possess divine lustre like that of shining gold which will be permanent. This is also true for boiled down urine as suggested by the text. Verse 30 A follower who takes Shivambu regularly and avoids pungent, salty and sour things, can promptly enjoy the fruits of his meditation and this method.

One acquires the strength of a shivammbu elephants, and lives as long as the moon and the stars continue to exist. O Goddess, even the most beautiful Princess will be attracted to him.

So it is recommended that anyone embarking on the therapy give up tobacco in all forms and restrict consumption of cold drinks, spices, fried foods, junk foods, refined foods and sugars as much as possible. Well on my last birthday I turned The follower, after six months, will be free of old age and will have excellent fore sight.


Also, the mantra is important as it activates different Nadis and thus changes our physiology and alters our consciousness, as well as changing the frequency of the Shivambu itself. It makes him exceptionally strong. Sir I have my own doubt’s can u please clarify it?

Coen van der Kroon, in his book The Golden Fountain, proposes what he calls the “transmutation theory” for the underlying mechanics of Shivambu Shastra. Unknown August 21, at It has been proven that water molecules in biological systems become more organized through exposure to sunlight and through close contact with crystals.

If your urine is unusual for some reason When re-utilized, these chemicals and nutrients act as natural vaccines, antibacterial, antiviral and anticarcinogenic agents as well as hormone balancers and allergy relievers. It should be taken early in the morning followed by Shivambu. Verse 80 The juice of the leaves of Kavali, honey, sugar and ghee should be mixed together.

Listen to me carefully. Then, what would be the shivambj of bitcoin shuvambu the education space? What will be the best time to inhale your pee I tried it at 6 in morning secondly I am sleeping on my bed not on ground so suggest me more things pian in my foot bones after but I m sure that will be care from this suggest me more to come out of these black magic things I don’t have job from last 9 months in my office some body has given me black magic things in my food so please shivamvu.

How can i ever stop thanking this great man who cured me from my 3 years erection problem with his product. Remember, even in Ayurveda – the sister science to Yoga – everything is individualized based on the nature Dosha of the persons body Pitta, Kapha, Vatawhich if anyone noticed, Shiva speaks of a mixture which removes all Dosha-related ailments, or at least a huge amount of them.

And now my wife uses breasts, hips and bums enlargement. He will have a healthy appetite and his body will become strong and healthy.

Verse 7 The first and concluding flow of the urine is to be left out, and the intermediate flow of urine is to be collected. Besides, when taken internally, the urine does not go straight into the bloodstream but travels through the digestive system, where its constituents are sorted out. Verse 35 The fruits of the moha tree and a tri-mixture of the herbs in verse 27 should be taken in equal proportion and dissolved in Shivambu.


Also, with regard to the mixtures – which are for the practitioners that are not Yogi – I would assume it means equal parts, unless otherwise specified, but I should not speak on this either and one should consult a physician and look into the effects of each and every herb.

OK, have Tantra and feel great and teach her Tantra too and go for any goals available: All thanks to Dr Ogudugu just contacted this man after my husband of about 4years left me and to my surprise it took this man just 3days to bring him back to Dr Ogudugu his the best spell caster around to solve any problem for you.

At first i thought it was not real but in all these i decided to contact him to see if what they are saying is true. My name is morning Morgan and am from US.

Anonymous April 26, at Feel the gratitude for yourself having the strength and fortitude to do something so incredibly feeding and healing for your body. Above all, it is best to avoid alcohol, meat and coffee as well as recreational drugs. I also suggest one pays attention to one’s diet When the level of toxins in the blood increases, this stimulates the intestines and the lymphatic system into flushing themselves out to eliminate any stagnated excrements accumulated in the colon.

Sometimes i will return from work without finding my wife at home and whenever i call or ask her where she was, she will always snub at me and sometimes just tell me to go get a larger dick. By drinking it for five months, one acquires divine vision and freedom from all diseases.

Verse 91 Oh Parvati, during the Spring the powder of Terminalia Chebula should be taken with honey; dry ginger and honey should also be taken and afterwards Shivambu. Verse 60 He who drinks Shivambu after taking a mixture of equal proportions powdered of Amrita, Triphala, Kadu, dried ginger, cumin seeds and the roots of Piper Longum while following a diet of rice and milk will have insight in the Scriptures within one year.

Anonymous July 11, at 7: Unknown August 22, at 8: I had about 3.