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In the event he chooses to do the latter, the trial court is pxper authorized by the Rules to consider the same. North Dakota is the only state that doesn’t require voter registration at all.

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The notice required under the old law was no longer sufficient under the new law. It would be too wide a stretch of the imagination, scrw, to still issue a regulation that would simply require tax officials to inform the taxpayer, in any manner, of the law and the facts on which an assessment was based. In the present case, a mere samp,e of the FAN for the deficiency EWT for taxable year will show that other than a tabulation papdr the alleged deficiency taxes due, no further detail regarding the assessment was provided by petitioner.

You still need proof of residency, though. It explained that the court cannot admit an offer of evidence made after a lapse of three 3 months because to do so would “condone an inexcusable laxity if not non-compliance with a court order which, in effect, would encourage needless delays and derail the speedy administration of justice.

Whether or not the Court of Tax Appeals is governed strictly by the technical rules of evidence. The requirement for issuing a preliminary or final notice, as the case may be, informing a taxpayer of the existence of a deficiency tax assessment is markedly different from the requirement of what such notice must contain.


The notice shall be made in writing and sent to the taxpayer at the address indicated in his return or at his last known address as stated in his notice of change of address.

However, in People v. Mate[ SCRA ], we relaxed the foregoing rule and allowed evidence not formally offered to be admitted and considered by the trial court provided the following requirements are present, viz.: Aviles[ SCRA], we had the occasion to make a distinction between identification of documentary evidence and its formal offer as an exhibit.

Clean Air Movement A killer smog 70 years ago helped lead to the first federal air pollution laws. Moreover, an administrative rule interpretive of a statute, and not declarative of certain rights and corresponding obligations, is given retroactive effect as of the date of the effectivity of the statute. Spanking Is Officially Bad for Kids Last time the American Academy of Pediatrics weighed in on corporal punishment, it was to say we shouldn’t spank children in schools.

Reyes, supra, at Court of Appeals, 33 thus:. If the taxpayer fails to respond within fifteen 15 days from date of receipt of the PAN, he shall be considered in default, in which case, a formal letter of demand and assessment notice shall be caused to be issued by the said Office, calling for payment of the taxpayer’s deficiency tax liability, inclusive of the applicable penalties. On the other hand, this allows opposing parties to examine the evidence and object to its admissibility.

Spouses Parocha, 38 viz Emphases ours; citations omitted.

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Even a cursory review of the preliminary assessment notice, as well as the demand letter sent, reveals the lack of basis for — not to mention the insufficiency of — the gross figures and details of the itemized deductions indicated in the notice and the letter.

At the time the pre-assessment notice was issued to Reyes, RA already stated that the taxpayer must be informed of both the law and facts on which the assessment was based. Under the former law, the right of the Government to collect the tax does not prescribe.


It was on February 12,that a preliminary assessment notice was issued against the estate. The statute of limitations on assessment and collection of national internal revenue taxes was shortened from five 5 years to three 3 years by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. Despite several extensions of time to make their formal offer, petitioners failed to comply with their commitment and allowed almost five months to lapse before finally submitting it.

Notice of proposed assessment. Gancayco, taxpayer Gancayco requested for a thorough reinvestigation of the assessment against him and placed at the disposal of the Collector of Internal Revenue all the evidences he had for such purpose; yet, the Collector ignored the request, and the records and documents were not at all examined.

Petitioners’ failure to comply with the rule on admissibility of evidence is anathema papr the efficient, effective, and expeditious dispensation of justice. Why World War I Became the ‘Forgotten War’ The year anniversary of the end of World War I offers up a reminder — and a second chance — for us to remember the soldiers’ sacrifices and to learn from our past mistakes. Enron Subic Power Corporation, supra, at There was no going around the mandate of the law that the legal and factual bases of the assessment be stated in writing in the formal letter of demand accompanying the assessment notice.

We scta, therefore, constrained to apply our ruling in Heirs of Pedro Pasag v.