30 Sep In this message, professor Mesfin talks about the current situation in Ethiopia, TPLF,Tigray and their relation. Response to it among Ethiopians. 10 Jun Mesfin Woldemariam’s recent Amharic book, a slim volume entitled, The perplexing phenomena that exercises the Professor’s mind is how. 3 Jun Together with the Derg, Professor Mesfin demeaned and .. Sorry you feel like that but you need to examine yourself and ask why do Mesfin Woldemariam and the His latest book is really a mockery of academic pursuit.

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Hence, the causes of objectivism and fairness are not best served by singling one for blame for putting his interests ahead of those of the nation. But this is still quite far away from Gambella….

This article contains Ethiopic text. Sergew Hable Selassie and Prof. Pizza Hut is set to open three restaurants in Ethiopia this year. Okay, I take up your challenge. I am an Ethiopian not in a sense that people were narrating for centuries. Movement for Democracy and Social Justice politicians Recipients of Ethiopian presidential pardons Ethiopian academics. This judgment occurred after Mesfin refused to defend himself, insisting that the arrest, charges, detention and trial was politically motivated and that the trial was not likely to be fair.

His problem with bookss ideas concerns the constitution of the Ethiopian nation-state and its territorial extent through the ages. President Xi of China urges Ethiopia and China to upgrade their relationship. It is to be recalled that the cream de la cream Generals of the previous Ethiopian regimes professor routed by Eritrean rebels ensuing the creation of a new independent state in The author is rightly disgusted by a system that values mere political loyalty than virtue or talent. I firmly believe the Ethiopian government has done many good things, policies that history will judge as a courageous building step, both at a national and international level for Ethiopia.

He retired prpfessor AAU in Food Assistance in Ethiopia yesterday and today. Thus, it seems to me, Ethiopia is declining because it has abandoned the virtue of self-sacrifice, the virtue that our heroic patriots exalted. Ethiopia has remained what it has always wolde,ariam. The Trump administration slaps new sanctions on Eritrea. It is the duty of those opposing to offer a constructive alternative, but is is also the duty of those who have power on their hands to facilitate an environment where the discussion can at least take place.


Mesfin Woldemariam – Wikipedia

An argument like Prof. If that is the case, we can perhaps better understand our own national crisis. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Responding to a student petition, on 8 April Mesfin and Berhanu Nega held a day-long panel discussion at the hall of the National Lottery on academic freedom.

Another issue that has prompted strong reaction from reviewers is the rather uncharitable view he takes towards Emperor Yohanes IV which reminds one of the same attitude often displayed by those on the other side of the political divide towards Emperor Menelik Woldemarlam. For him any suggestion that Abyssinia was distinct from Ethiopia is unacceptable. The article properly refers to the person by his given name, Mesfin, and not as Woldemariam.

Why are Eritreans stoic to Esayass brutality?

Mesfin Weldemariam: one foot in the grave and still disgorging odium

He was held at Kaliti Prison. He has raised some important questions about certain aspect of our history that we have been accepting without questioning and our Ethiopian historians who opted writing in foreign languages. I can say No one was benefited except those people who were serving the system. This country is more screwed up proefssor before. Proposed Language Reform for Ethiopia: The judge ruled that as they had not submitted a defense and were guilty as charged.

Academician Professor of Geography and Philosophy. Professor Mesfin is not the only historian who has pointed out that Ethiopia North and south including existed long before Menelik.

Views Read Edit View history. It is this tenacious engagement with the public and steadfast commitment to stay in his country rather than seeking the safety of ensconcing himself in an ivory tower of some western institution, that many admire about him.

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Mesfin Woldemariam

Retrieved 14 August I must say, I find this interpretation very wildemariam. Predictably, the vile old man was disgorging the usual hogwash that he has been spewing since the fall of the Derg that he was part of during the early days. The Ethiopia he is much enamored of and whose praises he sings was not always the utopia it is made out to be by those romanticizing its greatness.

In Novemberthe government of Ethiopia detained Mesfin on charges of treasongenocide and outrage against the constitution, along with other leading members of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy CUD. When we measure a democracy by how vibrant it is in terms of variety of political parties who have a fair chance of becoming movers and shakers in parliament whether they win or lose electionswhen we measure a democracy by the plurality of views in media, in the tolerance to writers and journalists who say things which annoy the government but are nevertheless allowed to continue with their work unmolested, then a few countries doing significantly better: However, Mesfin, and 37 others were pronounced guilty on 11 June I agree with both points, but with reservations: Does where I write my comment from matter?

Is this hate-filled person on some sort of illicit substance?

The best loyalty it can be shown is by criticizing it in a construcitive way, which, like a father to a son, brother to a brother, mother to daughter, is sometimes a painful and offensive conversation.

This charge was considered to criminalize actions of free speech, freedom of association and freedom of expression that are guaranteed by international human rights laws, and has been condemned by many international observers including Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch and the European Union.

I hope you could figure out that. Did they stretch all the way west up until current Gambella?