Buy Logic 2Rev Ed by Wilfrid Hodges (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. How do you define logic? Logic is about consistency – but not about all types of consistency. For example, if a man supports Aresenal one day and Spurs the. Wilfrid Augustine Hodges, FBA (born 27 May ) is a British mathematician, known for his Hodges was President of the British Logic Colloquium, of the European Association for Logic, Language and Information and of the Division of .

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The talk notes that Boole broke with traditional logic by allowing substitutions at any depth in a formula. Arabic logic and semantics Translations of Ibn Sina Madkhal i.

The talk discusses the pros and cons of including history in an undergraduate mathematics module, with some examples from my own experience. Galen at least indicated the problem, and Alexander of Aphrodisias applied some sticking plaster to the gap pointed out by Galen. Not engaging or immediately helpful.

Mathematical Logic

Papers in which I refer to this book for hoddges of facts about two-dimensional logic have started to appear in print, so I made it a matter of urgency to get that part of the book up on this website.


This passage contains his reasons for rejecting Porphyry’s notion of an inseparable accident and replacing it by his own notion of a necessary accident.

logiic The talk picks up some ideas from the preceding piece as evidence for the processes involved in understanding a mathematical textbook. The talk contains some personal opinions about the motivation of game-theoretic modelling. I have no idea how you’d do with this if you hadn’t done some logic, but it makes for a good refresher.

A tutorial for the workshop Dependence Logic, Dagstuhl, February Thanks for telling us about the problem. Modal logic was never my thing, but I thank Zia Movahed for urging me to hodgez an interest in this material.

Logic: An Introduction to Elementary Logic

On mixed syllogisms with absolute and necessary. There was a plan for a joint paper, but it never materialised. May 20, J rated it it was amazing.

Some raw material on mathematical and musical beautyfor a meeting of mathematicians and artists organised by Juliette Kennedy in Utrecht, November Further historical and logical details are in the handout. His teaching experience dates back to when he was a teaching fellow at the University of Michigan. From this starting point, and assuming no previous knowledge of wiofrid, Wilfrid Hodges takes the reader through the whole gamut of logical expressions in a simple and lively way.

Logic – Wilfrid Hodges – Google Books

I put it up because of the centrality of the topic. Homogeneous, Isotropic Turbulence W. My only complaint is Hodge’s use of the tableau method for proofs, rather than natural deduction, which seems more popular, and to my eyes, more intuitive. Logic Wilfrid Hodges Snippet view – Lecture on Ibn Sina’s cyclotronfor a conference on formalising ancient logics, chiefly Indian, Hamburg, June My CV is here.


On possibility syllogisms in the first figure. But there are historical remarks scattered through the book.

For a meeting in Cambridge, March A talk for the 60th birthday of Oleg BelegradekIstanbul, December It may be that this book is better for readers who know some logicrather th This may well be a good book but it lost me after about the third chapter. Besides this book, he has four other textbooks of wklfrid in print, at levels ranging from popular to hdges. There is a collection of texts to accompany the lectures, including eight pages of translation of Ibn Sina.

The handout is here. Psychologists’ tips on how and how not to learn. A draft April of most of a monograph ‘Ibn Sina’s alethic modal logic’ April