Linda Goodman’s Star Signs. Linda Goodman. based on ratings & 43 reviews on Paperback, Paperback. Buy the book. Linda Goodman’s Star Signs has ratings and 48 reviews. Wayne said: I’d have given this book a five, just because I enjoyed it that much at the time I. Signs of Zodiac SUN SIGNS Foreword LINDA GOODMAN’S SUN SIGNS. CONTENTS. Foreword · HOW TO UNDERSTAND SUN SIGNS · ARIES the Ram.

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It’s goodmab dark, like the eyes and skin. I’ve recommended it to several people who all ended up taking my advice and purchased this exqusitie book.

Linda goodman star signs 12, Apporva Linra rated it really liked it. Here, in her most personal book yet, Linda Goodman, America’s premier astrologer, has written an enlightening and remarkably accurate cuide to help you discover all the powers you p The Master Astrologer’s Classic Linda goodman star signs and Physical Self-Help Guide She has helped millions improve their lives, loves, and businesses through her bestselling books, Sun Signs and Love Signs.

Both homes still boast her spiritually themed stained-glass windows. Your Birth Month will reveal everything about your Soulmate. As for the males, the neck will linda goodman star signs be thick or muscular, linda goodman star signs shoulders, chest or back, or all three, broad sihns strong. If there are times when a Gemini person makes you think you’re seeing double, don’t run out and change your glasses. I was 17, and this book accompanied me through a spiritually eye-opening time of self examination.

His tears are never crocodile tears. You’ll seldom find the straight, well-shaped Capricorn nose stuck in other people’s linda goodman star signs or the Saturn tongue wagging in gossip. There’s a deep richness to Libra’s emotions, no matter which emotion is high or low at a given moment, and a philosophic approach to both sorrows and joys that seldom fails to smooth things out eventually. Lots of Cancer people have very green thumbs. Goodman was fond of repeating the old adage, When a student is goodma, a teacher will come.


Aries is very direct, to put it mildly. The females combine lithe grace with a hidden, quivering intensity. Yes, reincarnation is real! Capricoms can be stocky and muscular, thin and wiry linda goodman star signs plump and soft. Some Piscean eyes are simply beautiful. Or they’ll be absolutely flat-chested.

It seemed that the book had a soul! It’s his nature to be stoic, and take linda goodman star signs in his stride, and nothing really alters this basic tendency. The tone can be velvety soft, husky or sharply cutting, the speech slow and measured or clipped and staccato, but what he says will never be self-effacing.

Goodmwn 22, Linda Jackson rated it it was amazing.

Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs are amazingly accurate! Know yours

He’s indifferent to insults, recriminations and other people’s bristling opinions. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Virgo is quick to deny his habits and traits. Scorpio linda goodman star signs total ego. Characteristics of Capricorns by Linda Goodman Voodman will you find him?

Where will you find him? Sagittarius can wave his arms to make a point, and upset the ketchup. Too bad they can’t manage their own affairs with as much ease and finesse. Apr 14, Christina rated it it was amazing. All about Virgos The Virgo is normally a small person, certainly no giant, but he’s muscular, and he has far more strength than his fragile appearance suggests.

Whether the body is plump linda goodman star signs wiry, the women will usually wear a sweater size considerably larger than the skirt size. Xigns witty and engaging prose made goodmqn book and its follow up, Love Signsbest linda goodman star signs and must reads for astrology enthusiasts.


There linda goodman star signs plenty of magic, a whole lot of universal secrets unveiled and all the wonderful beauty of the underlying power that’s hidden in words, numbers and everything around us, all compiled into this beau Being an ardent fan of Linda Good man’s sunsigns since my goodman, I’ve attempted to read this book of hers back then.

Every Arien, at some time in his life, will indulge in linda goodman star signs behavior that brings an injury to the head or face.

It was in her book gokdman I read about her quest to find her Guru. You can wound his sensitive feelings with a harsh glance or a rough t- tone of voice.

Which holistic healing methods really work? Know what your Life Line says about you! When you meet Pisces people, look first at their feet. His feet can be wearing sandals, boots, oxfords, or hush puppies, and he’ll seldom bother to check whether they’re appropriate for the occasion.

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Goodman, and took his last name. Awesome book full of universal secrets to ponder. Views Read Edit View history. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Goocman This last will be disguised by a soft, usually calm and steady nature. Characteristics of Aries by Linda Goodman Aries is very direct, to put linda goodman star signs mildly.