Ring of the Dove: Ibn Ḥazm: Literary activities: One delightful example is The Ring of the Dove (Ṭawq al-ḥamāmah), on the art of love. Probably best known for. A Bird after Love: Ibn’ Hazm’s. The Ring of the Dove (Tawq al- Hamāmah) and the Roots of Courtly Love. Nazan Yıldız. Hacettepe University. Ibn Hazm paints a gorgeous picture, for example, of how our souls all come from the same great whole, which is shattered into pieces. When we meet someone.

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I shall make a public complaint against you, and I shall put you to shame privately. If the translator possesses a sufficient degree of technical dexterity in versifying, he usually rring that indifferent verse is easier to stomach -when put into metre and rhyme than when dissected into strips of prose.

She laid her nameless charge Before the world at large, But none knew her intent Save him, whose hurt she meant. To right or left it doth pursue Thy movements up or down, As adjectives in grammar do Accord them with their noun.

The matter being remarked upon, he said, ” He would not have fallen in love with me if Tje had not accorded with him in some aspect of my character. I also have some lines on the theme of admiring the beauty of a singing voice, without ever having seen the singer.

A picture that my spirit drew, My hopes to realize, And that my sight imagined to Perceive in fleshly guise? When gazm meet someone, and the pieces of his or her soul match up with ours, we fall in love. I saw the same letter after the blood had dried, and would hazj sworn that it was written with a tincture of resin. For my part I consider Love as a conjunction between scattered parts of souls that have become divided in this physical universe, thw union effected within the substance of their original sublime element.

Huma Rashid’s review of The Ring Of The Dove: A Treatise On The Art And Practice Of Arab Love

On the contrary, my present remarks confirm that assertion. People with whom we don’t share a significant og of shattered soul matter, then, are mere acquaintances or distant friends, or nothing at all. Another poem of mine-I quote an extract-deals with the same notion. The letter should be designed after the most elegant pattern, and should be as pretty as can be contrived. This section is made up first of a chapter on the Helping Friend, then a chapter on Union, then a chapter on Concealing the Secret, and after that chapters on Revealing and Divulging the Secret, on Compliance, and on Opposition; a chapter on Those who have fallen in Love with a certain Quality and thereafter have not loved any other different to it; and chapters on Fidelity, on Betrayal, on Wasting Away, and on Death.

And next-may God preserve us and you from bewilderment, and may He not burden haxm with more than ibh can bear; may He of His goodly aid decree for us a guide to lead us into obedience of His Will, and bestow on us of His assistance some means that will draw us away and turn us from all offences against His commandments! Here I should remark in parenthesis that Love is in fact an accident, and as such cannot properly be said itself to be susceptible to accidents; Love is an attribute, and attributes may riot be further qualified.

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Physical contact completes -the circuit and thus enables the current of love to flow freely into the soul.

Ring of the Dove

Moreover the puritanical spirit of Islam, making a virtue out of social necessity, discovered as much satisfaction in the quest as in the conquest. This is due to the reflection of the eye’s radiation against the radiation of the mirror behind you; the eye cannot find any passage through the mirror in front of you, and when it also fails to discover an outlet behind the second mirror, its radiation is diverted to the body confronting it.

One of my friends has called another poem of mine, from which the next extract comes, ” The Imaginative Perception “.

We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. This precious codex, which is dated Rajab of the Mohammedan reckoning, or February of the Christian era, is preserved in the fine Leiden collection, and was first studied by R. I have written a poem on this topic, from which the following may be quoted. Both these alternatives have actually happened and been known.

This I have put into verse, as the following extract indicates. It was with such a situation in mind that I composed the follow verses, part of a long poem. But when, my darling, comes the time That we may be together, I Run swiftly as the moon doth climb The ramparts of the sky.

In the aforesaid letter you expressed ideas exceeding what I was accustomed to find in your other communications. Then blessed be God, Who did design His creatures so symmetrical, And fashioned thee a light to shine In natural beauty over all.

I know a youth that loved a lass Whose neck was short and somewhat stout; And now, when long-necked maidens pass, He thinks them jinn’s, without a doubt. All this is common knowledge it is immediately observable in the moods which successively control every man, and to which we all accommodate ourselves successfully.

I am the shepherd of the skies, Deputed to preserve The planets as they sink and rise, The stars that do not swerve. A visual demonstration of this may dlve contrived in the following manner.

It is not so remarkable that a man who has once fallen in love with an ill-favored wench should not carry that foible with him for the rest of his amatory career; it is one of those things that are always liable to happen. He lies, and perjures all that’s true; Who swears he is in love with rint He shares in falsehood equally With that damned miscreant, Manichee. As for thinking off that sort of attachment can really possess the inmost heart, and penetrate the veil of the soul’s recess, that I cannot under any circumstances credit.

Then Allah so ordained that we should come together; thereafter he became my dearest friend, and I his likewise, until the day that death parted us. But for my desire to call attention to them, I would never have mentioned these types at all; but I felt bound to do so, in order that others may have their eyes open, and not readily trust in any of their sort. Fair fortitude imprisoned lies, And tears flow freely from the eyes.

Once I truly detested him, and he fully reciprocated my feelings; this was before I had seen. I have myself known a lover who was certainly not ignorant of what and how he should speak, a man of fine eloquence, well able to express his thoughts in the language of the tongue, of penetrating insight, and minute comprehension of subtle truths, -and who nevertheless did not abandon the device of correspondence, for all that he lived close by his beloved and could readily come to her, and be with her as often as he chose: If the lover could so contrive, that in the place where he happens to be there should be no talk of anything but his beloved, he would never leave that spot for any other in the whole world.


His roguish glance, as I conclude, Has shed such human blood That now his garments are imbrued All saffron from the flood. The sign of sorrow is a flame That strikes the heart, and burns the same, As too the tears that freely go Adown the cheeks in ceaseless flow. He at once remarked to the father, ” It is on account of this picture that you have had such a son born to you. The two centuries which followed the inauguration of the Western Caliphate witnessed the rise of a brilliant civilization and culture which have left an ineradicable impress on the peninsula, embodied in so many fine Moorish buildings; the Cathedral Mosque of Cordova, founded inmentioned several times in the pages of this book, was converted into a Christian cathedral by Ferdinand III inbut its familiar name ” La Mesquita ” still recalls the purpose for which it was originally erected.

The next fourteen years were chaotic in the extreme, as Umaiyad and Hammudid pretenders struggled for possession of the precarious throne. My own intentions are in any case more modest; I have aimed at making an accurate and, I trust, tolerably readable translation for the perusal of the general public, and not so much for the consideration of experts. It may be objected, that if Love were as I have described, it would be exactly equal in both the parties concerned, since the two parts would be partners in the act of union and the share of each would be the same.

In my youth I loved a slave-girl who happened to be a blonde; from that time I have never admired brunettes, not though their lark tresses set off a face as resplendent as the sun, or the very image of beauty itself.

Among my acquaintances I once knew a youth who was bogged down in love and stuck fast in its toils passion had grievously affected him, sickness had worn 1-dm out. The Ring Of The Dove: I have seen him personally, and sat in his company.

And although all these obstacles do not preclude the soul entirely from achieving union with its fellow-soul, nevertheless they undoubtedly stand in the way of that union, which may therefore only be truly realized after long and careful preparation and making ready.

As for Abu Shakir ‘Abd al-Rahman Ibn Muhammad al-Qabri, he was my friend for a long while before I ever saw him; then we met, and our love was confirmed; and it has continued without interruption right down to the present time.

Simply that; otherwise all the rest of his movements are unremarkable.