HPDL Four Character Smart Alphanumeric Displays. Four Character Smart Alphanumeric Displays Technical Data. Features. Smart Alphanumeric Display. The HPDL and are smart, four character, sixteen- segment, red GaAsP displays. The. HPDL has a character height of mm (“). The. Home > Automation & Control Gear > Panel Meters & Components > Miscellaneous. HPDL LED DISPLAY. RS Stock No. ; Brand Hewlett.

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I wanted to bend it’s top pin but I broke it, so I had to make it from wire.

Agilent (Hewlett-Packard)

Thanks for entering your watch hpvl The Hackaday Prize. I have short circuited my watch few times accidently when washing my hands or in the rain and protection worked. I’m very satisfied with the result. On the upper side of the PCB there are contacts for buttons to set minutes and hours.

When testing the display, I’ve noticed that when it is blanked it still drains about 1mA of current at 5V. Official Hackaday Prize Entry. Unfortunatelly, these displays are getting extinct like nixies are.


Besides ability to recharge it, it has a short circuit protection built-in and protection from overdischarging – it cuts output when voltage drops below 3 V. The most important thing is to set correct clock fuse for 32, crystal and hpdk disable JTAG. It’s powerded by a coin cell. Baby Phone will be designed to look like but be more rugged than a normal phone.

DL Intelligent LED Display using Arduino

Add to a parts list. I designed it like this on purpose, because battery in this way holds better in this holder: It easily firt into arduino pro mini. Then I add 8 secs to the time variable.

You should add a description of hdpl it’s connected and why that’s meaningful to the project in order to have the best chance with the judges. BTW, in the foto you can see that I put the battery upside-down.

HPDL watch |

It’s available at my github, I’ll just explain a little bit. About Us Contact Hackaday. By the way, one more thing: Please select an existing parts list. Display shows time only you press the button on the side which sets hours or minutes.


We, the Manufacturer or our representatives may use your personal information to contact you to offer support for your design activity and for other related purposes. Please enter a message. The timer2 is set to overflow and it’s prescaled to I took it from some old device I can’t even remember what was that.

The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, jpdl date shown below.

Hodl the power-down sleep mode is used to reduce power consumptions of the uc. Similar to a bicycle computer but hackable, including different sensors and potentially connecting to and Android device via bluetooth.

I have like this one. I read hack-a-day really often and I’ve seen some cool projects about making watches even smart ones!

HPDL watch

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The PCB check the “scratched” traces: