21 Jan A review of How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz for the Consciousness Junkie website. 25 Feb I also went through some excerpts from James Swartz book “How to attain enlightenment?” and he has given the same criticism about Osho. 16 Jan Vedanta, the science of self-inquiry, has been described as the grandfather of all enlightenment traditions. James Swartz explains and unfolds.

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You can do yoga and eat all kinds of pure foods and you can pray and meditate and do religious practices to purify your body and mind, but there is no purifier like knowing that you are awareness and not this body-mind.

I became disillusioned with the whole spiritual thing. The chapter on diet and energies is informative, though generalised- not everyone who eats meats or fats is obese, tamasic and ready for hospital check hoe paleo eating, or the way humans ate before rice and beans were farmed for the masses.

Conscious TV – James Swartz – How To Attain Enlightenment

I looked in the mirror and saw a face bathed in an otherworldly radiance. The chapter on Ramana Maharshi is interesting reading, and worth reading for anyone interested in his teachings. James Swartz has been teaching traditional How to attain enlightenment james swartz for over 40 years in America, Europe, and India, and this page book represents a comprehensive exposition of what this ancient tradition is all about.

In the space between and above my eyebrows a tiny jet-black dot appeared.

He paid attention to my progress. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I met Nisargadatta Maharaj before he was famous. You speak in your autobiography of your realisation through Swami Chinmaya in India.


How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz Review

I have only read one chapter so far. No sooner did I step out at the San Francisco on-ramp than another car pulled up and the driver cheerfully offered to take me to the city. He covers what enlightenment how to attain enlightenment james swartz not, such as not an experiential state, and then gets into what enlightenment is.

Now a disciple of the sage, James travels extensively to cities in America, Europe, and India to hold seminars on Vedanta, the science of self-inquiry.

But if you are really interested in ending your suffering and knowing your true nature, you need the presence and guidance of a true enlightened master and not just somebody who thinks he is enlightened. I hated the idea of being tied down, so I how to attain enlightenment james swartz constantly rubbing against the rules, getting in trouble. You can be confident because awareness is you.

Vedanta is still new to the Western world but it is an age old tradition in India. He was a great man with thousands of devotees. Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon.

How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Non-Duality

But if you say that he is enlightened, that means he has somehow, at least indirectly implied that he is enlightened…. Or, to be how to attain enlightenment james swartz accurate, you see that everything fits into you. I also want to stress on the fact that a person who is not enlightened cannot really help others towards realization; It will be like a blind man leading other blind men. The Self is obvious, so why not remain as the Self?

Whatever IT is, I used to think, is certainly already right here, right now. James has previously self-published two non-fiction books: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Published on September 4, It points out that you are suffering because you are a victim of ignorance of who you are. The Fire of Self Knowledge: Read more Read less. Awakening is like that experience that I had how to attain enlightenment james swartz the post atttain.


James Swartz: How to Attain Enlightenment

And it is not Vivekananda who classified vedanta as gnana yoga but it has been called by this name for centuries… I see his linguistic arguments every where… In fact, all James is doing is teaching traditional vedanta with his own weird opinions of how words should be defined… I can go on and on about all this because as an Indian who was born and brought up in this culture I know what I am talking about….

I start right from the beginning with how to attain enlightenment james swartz enlightenmet into motivations and develop the whole logic of Vedanta right through to the end. Now, Let us get back to James How to attain enlightenment james swartz.

A masterpiece of Vedanta literature. But it is not quite that simple. Did it feel good? Facebook Twitter Epost Del.

And Vedanta is a complete means of knowledge. It removes self-esteem problems because you see that you are not responsible for your self-image. It was very intense. Eloquently expounded by James Swartz, can’t recommend it highly enough!