This is a community/ a people which has carefully and successfully built/ and Maravar) share similar myths/accounts of origin and historic status as rulers. Some members of the caste like to go by the title Thevars, which means ‘the divine They have a political history of mobilising themselves. In the year since the brutal murder of Dalit man Sankar in Udumalaipettai, his wife Kausalya’s brother Gowtham has learned more about Thevar.

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An undying pride in caste: Thevar prejudice returns with fury at Kausalya’s home | The News Minute

I have even told the police about this,” he adds. From the Margins to the Mainstream: The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox.

Muthuramalingam Thevar was born in the village of Pasumpon, Ramnad district. Chinnasamy came to me and another auto driver, and told us to come to Maduthukolam with him to collect some money,” he begins to narrate.

Soon thereafter, the CTA was repealed. Chaos broke out as warring factions confronted each other.

Email or Phone Hiistory Forgot account? Both names were originally granted to people as titles by poligars local chieftains but the holders were not exposed to caste-defining influences such as Brahmanic Hinduismthe concept of varna and practices such as endogamy until the late 18th century.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We are already ensuring Gowtham understands how our society works,” he adds, looking at his teenage grandson.

Kausalya was in Class Six while her brother was in Class Four.

Mukkulathor – Wikipedia

The three groups traditionally each believe themselves to be superior to their fellow Mukkulathors. And 6 martial suicides thevat Practising by Maravar community and its called avipillai.


Till today, they remain fans of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and members of the community were said to be a jistory of his Indian National Army. Many political parties seeking the support from that community at the time of elections will make pay their respect to him.

He told me to take his son to his friend Durai’s house thevra school. On 10 September he took part in a ‘Peace Conference’ together with T.

An extraordinary central committee meeting was convened in Nagpur 11—15 May Kallars are one of the three related castes which constitute the Mukkulathor confederacy.

The Mukkulathor challenge: Why Alagiri mattered in Madurai, and why he doesn’t anymore

Thevar died on 30 October on his 55th birthday. Maravar, Kallar and Agamudayar. On 28 September, a hiztory days after the clashes had or, Thevar was arrested by the police after speaking at the conference of the Indian National Democratic Congress, which was the new name taken by the Congress Reform Committee.

In Januarythe first general elections in independent India were held. Madurai and surrounding districts, like Virudhunagar, Pudukottai, Ramanathapuram, Tirunelveli and to some extent even Thanjavur, are the power centres of the Mukkulathors, a caste confederacy consisting of three communities viz.

In the Madurai belt, people were not affected by 2G in elections, but Alagiri’s activities.

Thevar was re-elected, but due to health reasons he was unable to travel to the parliament in Delhi. Kallar Highly dominant forward Caste Kallar: They comprise the AgamudayarKallar and Maravar social groups that share a common myth of origin and claim to have once been members of various ancient South Indian dynasties. There are some surnames in use among the community. Archived copy as title link “Archived copy” PDF.

The sure name of Maravars are. He returned to public life in October It had taken two days of continuous phone calls and pleading to convince him to give me a tour of Palani town in Dindugal district. I then drove them to Dindugal to a relative’s house. The Dalit surge since the s was countered by the growth of the Jayanthi, which gave the Mukkulathors an opportunity to react against the Dalits and assert their own perceived superiority, historic status as rulers, and caste pride.


From onwards he was in the custody of his maternal grandmother Parvathiammal in the neighbouring village of Kallupatti.

Thevar won a landslide victory with 11 votes against 6 for the Raja. The conference concluded that the three castes should live in harmony. According to the list given by Fawcett belongs to British East India Companythdvar are seven different Killai sub castes of Maravars.

Thevar cooperated with the communists in trying to form a non-Congress governing coalition. Dinesh was ‘unknowingly’ part of this plan to abduct Kausalya, which was foiled when Sankar filed a missing complaint. Ramanathapuram and Sivagangai districts are Maravar homeland from ancient times and the entire Southern districts of Tamilnadu is Maravar stronghold.

For instance, in the British designated the Thevars a ” criminal caste “, which Mines surmises arose from the community’s precolonial role as village guardians or local chieftains but was precipitated by their resistance to British rule. But Chembiya Nattu Maravars women were having habit of Udankattai yeruthal. According to Gowtham, his father and mother were not in town ihstory the murder happened in Udumalaipettai.

In February the Congress expelled all dissenting fractions, including the Forward Bloc, which became an independent opposition party.