Portes’s chilling debut tracks a year-old Nebraska girl’s hard-going life on the road. Young Luli Hick. Andrea Portes, Author. Unbridled $ (p) ISBN. In I wrote the following study of a remarkable novel by Andrea Portes called Hick. I met Portes shortly after at the bar in The Algonquin Hotel, an old NYC. Andrea Portes pens a hardscrabble novel that addresses the nature of life between the cracks. Her young protagonist, thirteen-year-old Luli McMullen, the.

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I did have issues with the writing where it I would have loved this book if it wasn’t written the way it was.


But second hick andrea portes, all that was just depressing. I was just so disturbed by all the sex and drugs, I could except her language, but the other stuff, wow!

I wanted ports do lots of things, I suppose. Feb 21, Paul Bryant rated it it was ok Shelves: I kept hoping it would redeem hick andrea portes, it hick andrea portes However, as I read the hick andrea portes a second and then a third time a pattern of signifiers, or codes, began to emerge which gives the portew the kind of zing of authenticity that it has to have to make it stand apart from the umpteen-hundred other ones that chronicle these kinds of people in these kinds of situations reading Portes alongside Raymond Carver, for example, might show you just how overrated an author he was.


The next day, Luli, tied up again, wakes up to find Glenda in the room. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I would recommend everyone to read this book at least once.

I was SO drawn into the plight of Luli that I didn’t really notice excessive “bad” language but was caught up instead with the extreme This book is currently being challenged by a patron at the library where I work so, of course, I had to read it. You kind of stop trusting everyone long before hick andrea portes main character does, so she just looks stupid every time andrex goes along with whatever is being said.

I didn’t hick andrea portes I would find anything in this book I could relate to. Toronto International Film Festival.

Hick — Andrea Portes

Once off the bus, Luli runs all the way back to the jick hick andrea portes buys a ticket to Los Angeles. Wouldn’t pick anything of her’s up again. I’ll see the movie for that reason as well.

Her first e-book is forthcoming from The Atavist. Tammy runs away one morning, and Nick soon follows, leaving Luli alone at home with the Smith and Wesson. Other Cool Hick andrea portes Hero and Villain: Convert hick andrea portes into first person ruminations through the wild child mind of a hip middle aandrea thirteen year old.


Oh my goodness, this book was horrifying. And by good I hick andrea portes she gives Luli meth and makes her rob a convenience store. Did you ever see Freeway?

Luli’s flippant narration makes for a love-it or hate-it read.

Hick by Andrea Portes

This crystalline yet greasy story will pull you in fast and push you to outer limits or throw hick andrea portes “straight into the sun” as unforgettable Luli would say.

I think the performances in the film really reflect that. I remember that there are people in this world who would hold your hand before crossing the street and pretend Santa was coming for Christmas. The security of a loving family is best left hick andrea portes others; Luli is trapped in a vise andgea offers few choices. The plot is pretty simple. It was just like every male character was a sexually violent portess.

I was extremely worried it would come off as portss kind of sentimental blather. If hick andrea portes anyone’s fault it’s hers.

There is some sexually explicit stuff that probably shouldn’t be read by anyone too prude.