HDS 9960 PDF

Detailed information and reviews for the Scanner RC HDSMG servo. Super large and very strong. The HDSMG is a real powerhouse. HDS- MG Spec. Weight: g. Torque: kg-cm / oz. Speedsec / 50deg at. Item No: HDSMG. Weight: grams / oz. Dimensions: x x mm / x x in. Torque At V: kg-cm, oz-in. Torque At .

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The dd cmd is also correct. So I may be able to answer your question in about a month or two. Thank you for hdx input!! That is about it. And take care about setting the right host mode.

Hitachi HDS 9960

The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. We are runing OpenVMS currently 7. These are the errors: But I did not start reading newsgroups until after hes got cable modem installed at home.

I would still be running it if I hadn’t run into a Multinet bug with 7. We should hear something by today. They had to make OpenVMS specific adjustments to the failover handling. Regards Nader Omar Solved!

Scanner RC HDS-9960MG – High Performance Digital Large Servo

So far no responce. What about the “mode” of those LUNs?


There is no zoning within our SAN. After some boot problems with 7. We are now waiting for feedback from HDS support. OpenVMS needs to get told the unit number e. We are still in the testing stage, but so far so good. It’s my understanding that you cannot mix HP and Sun modes on a port.

Scanner RC HDSMG Servo Specifications and Reviews

We attempted to break up the OE12s and assign just an OE but that too failed, so it seems like we have reached a limitation but everyone we talk to say no. Hss reviewed their logs but did not provide any feedback that we did not already know of. Before that I really did not spend personal time on work related forums. We were usually sitting on WAN sytems behind a crypto key. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

And you may be hesitant to post in a public forum that same information. Again – Thank you for your input! Contact Email us Tell us what you think.

The error on the dd command is: Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Mike, hfs is the ‘OJT way’?


Are you refering to the Hitachi Data Systems storage systems? I now have a 20TB Thunder on loan from Hitachi installed. I know that my co-workers do not use these forums regularly, although they do use the patch website. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

No we do not use that. Judging from your posts here and on comp. It works on the other devices fine. I spent most of the 90’s as a Government Contractor running combat sims for the Army. Once he did that it removed all config info on them. Model 1 but that really did not prepare us for an actual implementation, or using the SSSU. I need your advoice. FYI, I just wanted to update this to tell that we have resolved it. Is that like being thrown into cold water to ‘learn swimming’?

You bring up a good point, we had ran into that very early in the installation process almost 2 years ago. Hewlett Packard Enterprise International.