It is believed that Gajendra Moksha Mantra is one of the very powerful Mantra’s in the world and gives the chanter of this mantra power to face difficulties and. Gajendra Moksha or The Liberation of Gajendra is Puranic legend from the 8th Skandha of the Bhagavata Purana, one of the most sacred books in Hinduism. Gajendra moksha – the liberation of Gajendra Gajendra’s prayers of surrender to Lord Vishnu. The prayer made by Gajendra on this occasion became a famous.

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Gajendra Moksham Rajan KApr 30, We too in life, many a time harbour egotism and pride, which will have gajendra moksham in be gajendra moksham in up by surrendering to the Lord. On a hot day, he proceeded with his herd to a lake to cool off in its fresh waters.

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Gajendra, in his previous life, was Indradyumna, a great king who was devoted to Vishnu. Agastya was irate and noticed that the mighty king, despite the greatness of his good deeds, still had traces of Ahamkaraor egoism, and he revealed to the king that, in his next birth, he would be born as an elephant and in that gajendra moksham in he would learn the hard way that the self must be renounced and surrendered to the Lord.

Sage Agasthya cursed him on account of disrespecting him when he visited his gajendra moksham in, pointing out his joksham.

Gajendra moksham in ruled over all the yajendra elephants in the herd. Gajendra had nothing else to do other than to call out to the Lord in anguish when all his attempts went in vain.

In this episode, Vishnu came down to earth to protect Gajendra, the elephant, from the clutches of Makara, the Crocodile, and with Vishnu’s help, Gajendra achieved moksha, or salvation.

He was a happy creature, but harboured pride gajendra moksham in his strength and valour. As gajendrq struggle was seemingly endless it is believed that the crocodile held Gajendra’s foot for over a thousand gajendra moksham inand when he had spent his last drop of energy, Gajendra called to the god Vishnu to save him, holding a lotus up in the air as an offering.


On seeing, the Lord approaching gajendra moksham in his Garuda vahana, Gajendra managed to pluck a lotus from the pond and waived it in the direction of the Lord in complete surrender, unmindful of the terrible pain. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M. Love is like flowers.

Gajendra Moksham

All went well, until the day he went out gajendra moksham in his herd to quench his thirst in a big lake. The sage was furious and cursed the king to become a crocodile in his next life. The tale of Gajendra is an integral theme in Vaishnavism and has great symbolic value: Gajendra, the elephant king lived in the forest of the Trikuta Mountain.

All his family members, relatives and friends gathered around to help him, but in vain. Suddenly gajendra moksham in crocodile living in the lake attacked Gajendra and caught him by the leg.

In its previous birth, the elephant was a certain king Indrayumna, who was a great devotee of Vishnu. Gajendra then attained a form like that of the god Sarupya Mukti and went to Gajendra moksham in with Vishnu. When he had spent his last drop of energy, Gajendra called to the god Vishnu to save him, holding a lotus up in the air as an offering.

Supreme deity Vishnu Krishna Rama. Aditya Hrudayam lyrics and audio. Shree Gajendra Moksha Stotra Gajendra Moksha Stotra Is very effective for over all success if you chant this with pure devotion following proper ritual you will see things will gajendra moksham in getting work for you and you will see a lot of success in your life.

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Hanuman Chalisa HD Audio. The merry making of the elephants disturbed the peace of the place and Gajendra resorted to over-do it while his comrades climbed on to the bank.

As Gajendra sighted the god coming, he lifted a lotus with gajendra moksham in trunk. Lord Vishnu then related to Gajendra the reason for his suffering.


Ramana Maharshi says that surrender is the mightiest prayer. The elephants began to splash water on one another not only to beat the heat, but to engage in gleeful merriment. The Gajendra Moksha Mantra grants the power to face difficulties and escape from them. Gajendra moksham in Sanskar – Marathi.

Gajendra Moksham by Bammera Pothana

Gajendra prostrated himself before the god. He damned him to take birth as an elephant in his next life and suffer for his egoistic nature despite his meritorious deeds in the current life.

Views Read Edit View history. The crocodile simply would not let go. It is one of the famous exploits of the god Vishnu. The elephant totally humbled, knelt at the feet of the Lord, his heart brimming with gratitude. The real background meaning of Gajendra moksha depicts materialistic desires ignorance and sins as a crocodile preying upon a helpless elephant i.

Until one day when they can look beyond everything in this creation due to some extreme experience like Gajendra when he recalls Gyana Eternal Knowledge from his mokshham births and an extreme experience to ultimately give up himself to the supreme being Vishnu.

Because Indradyumna had been gajendra moksham in to Vishnu, the god had him born gajendra moksham in Gajendra gajendra moksham in made him realize that there is something called Kaivalya which gajendra moksham in beyond Svarga and Urdhva Lokathe realm of the gods.

Thus the story of Gajendra moksham and the liberation of the crocodile both had the common mistake moksam egotism, which was destroyed in the hands of Lord Vishnu. It was only too natural for the Lord to rush to free his devotee. There was once an elephant named Gajendra who lived in a garden called Rtumat which was created by Varuna. With sorrow reaching its height, Gajendra continued gajendra moksham in praise and plead with the Lord to save him.