Fundamentos de marketing by Kotler, Philip, Armstrong, Gary, and a great selection of similar Used, New and 6ª edición. rústica Incluye C.D. páginas . Kotler, Philip y Armstrong, Gary. (). Fundamentos de Marketing (Octava Edición). Naucalpan de Juárez, México: Pearson Educación. [2]. Gomez, Lia; Borja. Marketing Octava edición Philip Kotler y Gary Armstrong Capítulo 1 Marketing en un mundo cambiante: Cómo crear valor y satisfacción para los clientes.

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Moreover, most blatantly exploitative ventures require better laws. Critics charge that the marketing system urges too much interest in material possessions. Convenience products may be further divided: How do they use philosophies for studying? Search Within These Results: Product use by the target consumer should help advance those social goals to the fundakentos and profit of consumer, company, and society alike.

This topic is covered in greater detail on the following CTR.

Again, no-brand choices are available as ready substitutes. Including findamentos required information is necessary to ward off governmental investigations. JIT lowers costs by not requiring extra capacity to hold things — supplies or inventory — before they are needed. Because of specialization, one or philipp other firms can get products to consumers more efficiently than most producers can though there are important exceptions. Introduce the idea that demands are often for a fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion or group of benefits and may address a number of related needs and wants.

When consumer and producer freedom drive the marketplace, needs are met more efficiently and profitably than under any other system.

Derecho a ser escuchado Derecho a escoger. Even favorable attitudes are general and lack consensus on specific actions marketers should take on social issues.

Philip Kotler y Gary Armstrong – ppt video online descargar

Most companies take this responsibility very seriously. Salutary products are good for consumers but have low present appeal. Conceptos centrales de marketing Necesidades, deseos y demandas Productos y servicios Core Concepts Needs. Labels can provide information about contents, production, freshness, and instructions on safe and effective use.

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The actual product is the tangible product or intangible service that serves as the medium for receiving core product benefits. Transacciones — intercambios kotle valores entre dos partes. Its “outside-in” approach starts with a well defined target market, an analysis of their needs and wants, and then builds the company’s offering around meeting those needs better than the competition Note: You may point out that most of the examples of high costs come from fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion industries that do not much use the marketing concept, such as the medical and legal professions.

Environmentalists point out the fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion costs of more packages to throw marekting.

The selling concept tends to encourage sellers to misrepresent the true nature of their products or services and can lead to problems in maintaining high customer satisfaction. Now marketers recognize the need to manage demand so that infrastructure resources are not overburdened. There are no direct lines of social accountability from the business sector to the public Lack of broad public support. Business should recognize that responsible fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion are right for their own sake Public image.

Descargar ppt “Estrategia de productos y servicios”. Intermediarios de marketing Entorno Entorno Mercado de usuario final.

Promotional tone may help indicate whether a company practices the selling or the marketing concept. It should translate easily into foreign languages. marketlng

Philip Kotler y Gary Armstrong

Poor business decisions in mergers, acquisitions, and entering new markets are not due to marketing efforts. Technological and economic developments continue to shrink the distances between countries.

Three groups of industrial products include: This material provides additional extra-textual information on Marketing Ethics for in-class discussion. In terms of media independence, it should be remembered edicino these private enterprises always answer to some for-profit agenda. Labels identify, describe, and promote the product. These products may be unknown to the buyer or not normally considered for purchase.



Truly unsafe products receive publicity out of proportion to their numbers. Many firms now recycle fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion to reduce wastes and save money. Companies with strong brands often attempt to build brand portfolios by acquiring brands with strong brand equity from other companies.

Psychologists have pointed fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion that we tend to be attracted to those like us, those we aspire to be like, and those we want others to view us as being like. Fundamenros negotiation is more common for homogeneous shopping products.

Products can be physical objects, services, persons, places, organizations, and ideas. Have students discuss an extended view of products to include services and ideas. Poor Service to Disadvantaged Customers. The company may use one or more of these attributes in its advertising to reinforce these perceptions lhilip the consumer. You may wish to consider extra-textual class discussion identifying the pros and cons of the societal marketing concept. Brands usually command higher profit margins than non-brands.

As times change, and they always do, those companies fail to see the need for meeting new and emerging fundamentos de marketing philip kotler octava edicion needs. With marketers in the edicioh of ethics improvement of advertising, companies could rightfully claim to be protecting and furthering societal interests. This refers to the number of products in octvaa line.

For example, sheet metal is used to make car bodies. These products are compared on such bases as suitability, quality, price, and style. Ask students to distinguish among physical, social, and individual needs.