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The possibiity of severe congenita feta maformation shoud be considered when severe oigohydramnios is found in the initia evauation of IUGR. In most situations, it is generay acceptabe, if parents and heath care providers agree that withhoding or focis resuscitation is futie, woud proong dying and woud not offer suficient beneit to justify the burden that it woud impose.

A1c eve wi be hepfu to differentiate between a pregestationa diabetic and GDM. Responsibiity of the Maternity Service does not end with a safe chidbirth and resuscitation; it ofcourse starts with the irst breath but ends ony when actation is successfuy estabished.

Fogwi funneing does not increase risk of PTL associated with a shortened cervica ength1. As we have seen resuscitation is aimed at the First minute of ife, Apgar score are assessed at 1 minute. However, foysi trias have shown no beneit. A these patients were beyond the irst trimester of pregnancy at the initiation of fpcus and pubications on other drugs beonging to this group are disma. Compicaton of Diabetes in Indian Scenario.

Dtsch Arzteb Int Mar; Utrasound nucha transucency at competed weeks combined with serum markers at weeks. Antihypertensive drug therapy for mid to moderate hypertension during pregnancy.

Resuts shoud be expained and information must be provided through non-directive counseing. Eating wrong type of food, what is known as junk food, aerated cod drinks, white our preparations, sweet and sugar coated focsu items.

The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

It is important to note that: Medica management of pregnancy compicated by Diabetes. Prospective study of Human Immuno Deficiency virus infection and pregnancy outcomes in intravenous drug users. Vitamin D heps in estabishing a proper materna immune response of pacenta.


The brain integrates this information, providing a compete representation of our surrounding word and giving us the abiity rogsi react optimay to the environment. A history of cervica surgery Surgeries ike conization and oop eectrosurgica excision procedure, traditionay has been thought to be a risk factor for preterm birth but this ink has not been estabished. Fruits servings Vegetabes servings There shoud be a baanced diet.

The norma transition occurs within a few minutes of birth, the process may be competed over severa hours to days postnata.


Uday Thanawaa Co-Editor Dr. Preterm births are the most important singe determinant of adverse infant outcome, in terms of both surviva and quaity of ife.

The American Academy of Pediatrics uses the term perinata asphyxia to be present when a newborn manifests a of the foowing features: Expansion of the ungs with the cry of the newborn resuts in absorption of the uid in the aveoi by focks pumonary ymphatics and a decrease in the focux vascuar resistance with an increase in the pumonary bood ow, thus estabishing the ungs as a source of gas exchange.

For every 3 compressions 1 breath is deivered hence, in a minute, 90 compressions and 30 breaths are given Person 1: However, there is insuficient evidence, especiay concerning serious adverse effects, to recommend its use.

Active management of third stage of abor. The presence of risk factors can hep identify those who may need resuscitation, but we must be aways prepared to resuscitate, as some newborns with no risk factors may require resuscitation.

Obstet Gyneco ; 5: DNA from the fetus circuates in the mother s bood. The cervica ength is the shortest of three measurements taken between caipers paced at the interna os and externa os. Usuay, the dose required is 1. Hypovitaminosis D in deveoping countries-prevaence, risk factors and outcomes.

Adherence to iron suppement during pregnancy and its impact on hemogobin eve is affected by type of suppement. The tota dose shoud be distributed in divided doses after each feeding. Materna post prandia gucose eves and infant birth weight. Commony used drugs are Epinephrine.



More than twins no biochemica screening as LRs are derived yet and ack of evidence; hence ony NT and anomay scans. Of those 99, moms, 99, wi receive a negative report 99, X Babies with known or suspected diaphragmatic hernia shoud not receive PPV by mask during resuscitation; intubate the baby as soon as possibe.

Touch is a powerfu too to maintain aert state in babies, to 64 Mutisensory stimuation for heathy happy baby deveopment cam them or as an attention-getting stimuus. Feta origin of adut disease is a reaity- if the fetus is exposed to harsh or unfavorabe conditions inutero ike flgsi insuficiency, IUGR, not ony can it have immediate compications but coud be the cause of disorders in adut ife.


N Engl J Med. Micronutrients may affect fertiity, embryogenesis and pacentation, and the prophyactic use figsi some micronutrients flgsi be usefu in preventing severa adverse pregnancy outcomes. Recognizing these shortcomings DIPSI has suggested a practica and pragmatic test for Indian setting, based on the WHO test, except a fasting gucose test is not done at a.

Transient hyperthyroidism and hyperemesis gravidarum: Thyroid dysfunction, either hyper or hypothyroidism, has been recognized with increasing frequency in the irst 13 months foowing deivery and after abortions. This condition is suspected in women who present in weeks of gestation with sudden onset of severe nausea fogzi vomiting and the thyroid tests are in the hyperthyroid range. Such kind of food is habit forming and wi eventuay ki the appetite.

Prediction of patient-speciic risk of eary preterm deivery using materna history and sonographic measurement of cervica ength: Variety of food is the key to get a the rocus. Judicious and controed oxygen therapy: