FMFM w/Ch 1. Marine Rifle Squad. U.S. Marine Corps. PCN Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page FMFM , Marine Rifle Squad; and other appropriate manuals of the FNFM series. MISSIONS a. The primary mission of the Marine rifle company and. FMFM Scouting and Patrolling for Infantry Units. Chapter 1. Scouting paragraph of FMFM. Mur;ne Rifle Squad. c. Drills. (I) Immediate. Halt Drill.

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When the last wave of his group has beached, each assistant boat group commander becomes the salvage officer for his beach and reports to the beachmaster. Although the scheme of maneuver is dependent upon many other factors, the initial assault forces are normally assigned responsibility for clearing sectors of the landing site.

Battlefield of the Future: The main attack is the commander’s bid for victory. See if you have enough points for this item. In so doing, he has task organized the battalion internally into the task components he believes nee essary for the accomplishment of the battalion mission. The diagram also shows the time of H-hour, the beach the unit is to land on, the number of waves, the units to be landed, and the formation of the waves for landing.

Appendix B contains information relevant to allowances of boat spaces for weapons and equipment. The infantry battalion performs second echelon maintenance of organic equipment. Concurrent planning not only saves time, it also permits the early detection of problems at all echelons in order that they may be resolved quickly and allow the orderly continuation of the planning pro- cess.

Radio backs up the wire service and 2 employed when service is interrupted or when directed by higher authority. Project Gemini Technology and Operations: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Training manual for Fnfm rifle squadss. A debarkation platform is a shore facility which simulates a ship’s debarkation station.

Full text of “FMFM Marine Rifle Company”

Information obtained is often confirmed or amplified dur- ing the commander’s reconnaissance “troop leading step. The landing of 6-55 units may often be spontaneous and responsive to the tactical situation ashore. Of particular interest to the company and small units is information concern- ing enemy positions and locations of automatic weapons, mortars, tanks, and antitank weapons, as well as the locations of minefields and obstacles. All civilians must be treated as though they are potential enemy agents until cleared by higher authority.


Attachments to lower units are never made arbitrarily, ST mus? The platoon messengers provide a pool permitting reliable messenger communications between the company and the rifle platoons.

Supporting Attack 1 The supporting attack is conducted in conjunction with the main attack. The rifle company commander is briefed on the specific authority of the HC A when such authority is likely to affect the ship-to-shore movement of the com- pany.

Marine Rifle Squad Handbook FMFM 6-5 U.S. Marine Corps December 2 1991

Radionuclide and Radioisotope Encyclopedia: Rif le company Reinforced. The concern is not only with those aspects that aid in accomplishing the mission, but how those aspects affect the enemy’s capabilities as well. From Siege to Surgical:. It in- cludes fmfj tactics and techniques to be used by the company commander and the platoon commander in applying the principles of offensive land combat.

English Choose a language for shopping. Raids may be independent operations or support other operations such as another landing, a land cam- paign, or an air or naval operation.

Careful planning and training before the operation are necessary for proper control and execution of transfer operations. The rifle company commander and his subordinates are denied the opportunity for physical reconnaissance and are totally dependent upon the BLT for information and intelligence, during the planning phase.

The platoon commander does not prepare a personnel status report but provides information to the company commander, as required, for incorporation into the company person- nel status report. He submits such reports to the company as they occur. Aerial resupply by helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft may be re- quested when the existing tactical and logistics situations warrant.

Radio, wire, or messenger may also be available. To obtain maximum results, it is im- portant that patrols be carefully briefed concerning the EEI which they are endeavoring to provide. Item s unavailable for purchase.


Planning includes considering the use of maps of special or larger scale than normal, blowups of available scales, or pinpoint photography of particular objectives.

The report reflects the officer and enlisted strengths and casualties for the period covered. Particular care is taken to ensure that personnel moving forward fmfn friendly lines fnfm not have material of this nature in their possession.

Troops transfer from the landing craft totthe LVT two at a time and immediately descend into the LVT troop compart ment. When the situation is obscure, the reserve may initially consist of the bulk of the command, prepared for immediate employment at any point as the situation develops.

In an emergency when contact on the battalion tactical net is lost, the mortar net may be used by the company commander to maintain communications with the battalion commander via the battalion fire support coordination center FSCC. Assistant boat group commander: Each element of an infan- try unit contributes to the attainment of the objective of the larger unit of which it is a part. Helicopterborne waves are landed in accord- ance with the helicopter employment and assault landing table.

In fmtm civilian leadership structure of the United States military, the Marine Corps is a component of the United States Department of the Navy, often working closely with U.

Marine Rifle Squad FMFM by U.S. Marine Corps

L Misdirect his forces. The principles of war are included here to provide a review for the 6-55 to be used when applying doctrine contained in this manual. Platoons which the com- pany commander does not plan to commit initially in uncovering the landing site are held in reserve in the immediate vicinity of the site.

Objectives of simi- lar characteristics are selected and known obstacles improvised.