For all that time, I believed Santino Hassell aka Sonny existed. However, in early it came to light that he does not exist as his own human being. The two. In the Company of Shadows, original slash fiction by Sonny & Ais, with imperfect characters searching for their humanity in a post-war setting. In the Company of Shadows is a four-part original slash series written collaboratively by Sonny and Ais. Currently a work in progress, the.

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Afterimage (In the Company of Shadows, #2) by Ais

Jan 13, Steph rated it it was amazing Shelves: Good plot, great world building, and characters you just can’t seem to get out of your mind. To which I’d like to add a coincidental Tumblr find: A man that he can’t seem to keep his eyes off of. With research, technology, manipulation, torture, and assassins, the Agency operates with brutal any-mean-necessary methods and force. A desperate, obsession level relationship developed which was bound to blow up. I was lucky it sort of bounced evenfal at me.

View all 55 comments. Unlike the other cells in Maximum Security, this one had an expanse of gla Wow. They would not have sent me off as evenfzll trial partner if I could conceivably pose any type of dvenfall to you. Needless to mention the intensity of the sex, the intricacy of the plot or the most brilliant secondary characters!

I read every word, and yes it was a struggle at times because Boyd ssonny the need to over analyse everything. And an offer from a creepy Agency guy really left me on edge. I’ve fallen in love with this series and nothing could keep me from carrying on through to the bitter end.


I had a hard time breathing when these two got together. You always stood by the ones you loved even when it was tough love. Inside, half a dozen guards in riot gear were inputting the codes to gain access to a reinforced metallic box. A hard to explain energy and vibe that jumped off the page.

Knowing some of what he went through as a child was enlightening and heart-breaking. Sin has been drugged and locked away for years, but a new plan and mission places Sin back in the field with a new partner. And I doubt anything can surpass what this series has done to me.

I did use the same pics for Eonny, but wanted to include them here at the end There just xonny to be so much redundant words of pages upon pages of describing their surroundings, their mission, the sky. Dit not see that coming. Jun 19, Katerina added it Shelves: Boyd was wonderful in this book.

He sure as hell doesn’t need this new partner, Boyd. But it’s so alive, I really cared for these characters in a way that I haven’t with many other books. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In Afterimage we discover more about his past and what shaped him into the killing machine he is today and as you can imagine it makes for difficult reading.


He is emotionless, numb, without a care for life or death and has just become The strength and intensity of their relationship was so reflective of the strength and intensity of character they each possessed. Both authors BOTH did an amazing job creating this sci-fi asi full of awesome and so-worked little things.

In the Company of Shadows (ICoS)

People will see what they need to in order to sony or justify the world around them. To ask other readers questions about Evenfallplease sign up. It is so long… I would give 5 stars if it had not so many boring and annoying parts. Not sure, but this fan dug it.

That one line from Sin—that one question. Can these two broken men form an efficient partnership? Afterimage 4 stars —. No, you romantic fool, you need to give it a low star rating because you know this book needed some serious editing. All I can say this was an amazing experience. I apologize for my behavior. It was better written, better edited, better formulated and better developed than all the ones that have come before. Moments like the following: I can be chatty so if you have questions, feel free to ask!

This poll uses javascript through polldaddy. This book just felt like that. I was so disappointed slnny I realised that that’s what was happening here.