The latest updates and corrections to this manual, referred to the latest release of the Endian UTM Appliance, Endian Firewall , View reference manual Endian Knowledge Base · Endian Configuration Guides · Endian Video Tutorials. Endian Firewall is an Open Source Unified Threat Management (UTM) ap- . Each uplink can be operated in either managed mode (default) or manual mode. Endian Firewall. We will then configure the Endian Firewall to allow VPN connections to this network . Follow the instructions below. Use 40 GB to 60 GB for.

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New in version 2. In the box, the hyperlink gives direct access to the documentation, while the sequence underneath it connfiguration how to reach from the home page, the page where to configure that functionality. Indeed, those networks would overlap, possibly causing undesirable effects. The baud rate is endain older appliances that have not yet upgraded to the 3. The four main zones are identified endian firewall configuration guide a color and may group together a number of servers of workstation that have a same purpose.

The interface is the ethernet or wireless port through which the network traffic flows to endian firewall configuration guide zone, so RED interface it the port through which endian firewall configuration guide can reach the RED zone and the Internet.

A message will appear, asking for confirmation congiguration the item is definitely deleted. The remainder of this section contains some basic information about this guide and how to move your first steps within the Endian UTM Appliance, introducing some important concepts and describing the most significant parts of GUI. The footer is placed at the very bottom of the page.

Upon clicking on a menu item, the sub-menu on the left of the page and the title at the top of the main area change, since they are context-dependant. This is an example box. At their bottom there might be present one or more hyperlinks to online resources. A Tooltip is displayed for various terms when configruation the mouse over them.


Getting Started — Endian UTM Reference Manual

Wireless networks are often not secure, so the idea is to trap by default all endian firewall configuration guide guire connected clients into their own zone without access to any other zone except RED.

The same network range as above is expressed as:.

This is a network starting at the address Clicking on this icon will open the appropriate editor for that endian firewall configuration guide. You can change the status by clicking on the firwall. There are also console-based access via SSH and serial console, although they are suggested to advanced users only.

At the bottom of every page that allows the customisation of one or more endian firewall configuration guide, there is the option to Save and store the new configuration on disk or to cancel the customisation done so far. Warning Changing this value will cause the service to restart!

In the Switchboard and in the tuide Connect Client appear also the following icons: When specifying a network range, the IP address of the first host on the network along with the subnet mask, or netmask for short, is given, configuratlon defines the number of hosts available in that network.

Console-based access endian firewall configuration guide the Endian UTM Appliance is suggested only to users that are acquainted with the Linux command line. The most intuitive and straightforward one is from the web-based GUI. There are also some terms that have endian firewall configuration guide special usage or meaning throughout this manual, and that can be found in the Glossary.

Note Remember that you can modify this later. Hint The baud rate is in older appliances that have not yet upgraded to the 3. When you change guiide, the information are updated. The vast majority of the pages, however, shows a table containing various information about endian firewall configuration guide current configured settings, allowing to modify or delete existing items and settings and to add new ones.

The header, the main menubar, the sub-menu, the main area, and the footer. RED, this is the so-called Untrusted segmenti. To disable the service, click again on the switch: For the sake of convenience, when this action is required, a callout is displayed after the settings have been endian firewall configuration guide, with an Apply button, to be clicked to restart the service.


Firweall entering the password, the Dashboard of the Endian UTM Appliance GUI is displayed, and it is possible to immediately start exploring the information available on this interface or further browse and configure the appliance.

It encompasses all the networks outside the Endian UTM Appliance or, broadly speaking, the Internet, and is the source of friewall connections. Documentation revision 5, last updated on Oct 04, This part is static and does not change. It is also the only zone that by default can access the management interface. Upon clicking on endian firewall configuration guide, the service and the daemons that are necessary for its endian firewall configuration guide functioning are started and initialised.

In case the network is not configured properly, the serial console may represent the only way to access the Endian UTM Appliance.

This guide is endian firewall configuration guide both as an online, contextual help as configuratiln as an user manual, providing also quick introductory descriptions to some of the concepts confkguration lay behind the various functionalities provided by the Endian UTM Appliance. Since the functionalities and abilities may differ between the various Endian UTM Appliances, the description of some of the displayed data or configuration options may slightly vary for some appliance or not being present at all.

The Hotspot Administration Interface. The main navigation bar and the sub menu now remain steady on the top and of the left-hand side endian firewall configuration guide the window, respectively, when scrolling down a long page.