An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into. Elisabeth Haich. INITIATION. AUTHOR’S NOTE. It is far from my intentions to want to provide a historical picture of Egypt. A person who is living in any given. Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of.

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Now I have a signature too! I began to tell stories from The Vicar of Wakefield. That evening while mother was praying with me, I asked her, ‘Mother, why were you praying so fervently in church? The average man is characterized with the fourth step, the genius characterized with his intellect as the Fifth; the prophet with his wisdom and universal love as the Sixth; and ultimately the God Man as the final Seventh level of manifestation.

This slisabeth was the most powerful book I’ve ever read. She was the perfect incarnation of all that one could call beautiful and elegant.

Elisabeth Haich INITIATION included audiobook mp3

Oh, how I hated that! Many of my own past life and current life questions were answered. Oh, it was awful when they hit the wrong notes—it hurt my ears so much I wanted to scream—and they didn’t even notice it! In the book, the author describes that in one of her previous births, she was a princess in Egypt and successfully she climbed all the seven spiritual steps to be initiated under the guidance of spiritual master High Priest Ptahhotep.

Oh, now I loved her with all my heart and with all my confidence.

And the poplar trees whispered in such a mysterious way. A large number of Heroes have traversed this Path and proved with Their lives that it elisabrth possible! She was always spiritually inclined, often going into deep thought. My letter was finished. He says I am ugly when I am crying? He lifted me up high and so took me out of the protective nearness of my mother. At these words of my teacher’s, I was seized by an irresistible drive towards absolute independence, and this urge freed me from the nefarious attitude of expecting help from outside.


Only the two people who called me their child! Live in eternity, above time and space, above finite things. What did she mean by saying that father was ‘all hich and why did that mean that he was going to have to sit on pins and needles? Mother said that a fire had broken out in the village, and father had gone to help fight it. She is gone, but her nightgown is there beside me.

Mother was very busy with my little brother. The other children’s eyes just popped open wide when I talked about these things, and they asked me very strange questions. Oct 26, Mark rated it it was amazing. But what kind of an answer was that! I had only repeated what father had said.

I read everything that was readable: I was repeated astounded at elisabetb details that rang true in my mind. Books author and editor Dr. From now on I observed everything, everything around me as well as within me, with the greatest attention and with uninterrupted concentration.

Her warm brown eyes sparkled joyously, and she possessed a peculiar scent about her, as only people do who carry love within their hearts.


I wanted to get away from here First I would get two little ones to merge and then stir in another one and another until there was only one big blob of grease on top of the soup.


Who could explain it to me? And Grete, the always obedient, always well-behaved, always well-dressed, looked down on me as if Haicch were a criminal, avoiding my glance with her eyes.

Elisabetg tell me that! And I really recited very beautifully! When she sat down at the piano, it was a holiday for me.

Elisabeth Haich

I was in the room where he was lying in bed, with mother sitting beside him. The teacher said they were not playing in rhythm. View all 6 comments. Sometimes blurred and misty pictures rise up before me.

I looked defiantly off in the distance until all of a sudden there was a rush for the corridor and father called us, ‘The ocean! But when I could not? That’s why needles should only be used for sewing.

Key of Unity Chapter Eight. The book also describes a little of a more recent claimed previous life in which she was a washing-woman, was abandoned by her lover, lost contact with her daughter, and ended up a beggar on the streets. I frowned and said nothing. Meanwhile the others in our compartment had awakened, and father asked, ‘How did you like the sunrise? This time I didn’t even have to share it with Grete!

Mother was still very busy with my little brother, and so I had a bit more freedom. I was going to have to stay here. I had no appetite, not even for the best foods, yet mother wanted to persuade me to eat.