: David Goodis: Five Noir Novels of the s & 50s (LOA #): Dark Passage / Nightfall / The Burglar / The Moon in the Gutter / Street of No. Nightfall could easily have been adapted for Hitchcock. The novel by David Goodis follows Jim Vanning as he hides out in New York City. In Nightfall (), David Goodis explores the theme of the innocent pursued, as artist Jim Vanning becomes accidentally embroiled in a violent robbery and.

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Nightfall by David Goodis

The story has a rotating third person attached viewpoint as it goes back and forth between Vanning and Fraser. Dark Passage has a nightfzll between the protagonist and his friend who he’s just found murdered, seeking answers and guidance from dead lips. David Goodis was certainly one of them, although the Library of America has now republished five of his novels in their American Crime Classics series. Vanning is ex-Navy, driving to Chicago where his new dream job as a commercial artist awaits, when he rounds a bend and hits a broken down station wagon.

He doesn’t know Fraser is watching him. Home About Archives Links Contact. But that’s OK, cause, if you gotta couple of hours to kill?

NIGHTFALL by David Goodis | Kirkus Reviews

He’s on his way in his new blue convertible. Watch for the “match scenes” and the author’s obsession for color especially blue. But I guess, in truth, I was thinking more of certain movies where you realize the protagonist is dead Jacob’s Ladder, Mulholland Drive, even Lisa and the Devil. Tue 19 May Reviewed by Dan Stumpf: After some time, Vanning tries the door, its unlocked and when he comes out, to his amazement, he’s alone with the sack of bills and a revolver siting out in the open on a bureau.


And how about those two Denver mysteries: Thanks for telling us about the problem. May 21, Ed rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Of course, it’s different when you’re shooting under orders during a battle from shooting someone as a civilian. His lean prose and colorful dialogue propel the tight plot to a very satisfying conclusion. Five Noir Novels of the s and 50s: With one eye on Vanning and another on the reward, Fraser acts as a lone wolf resembling more conventional PI than police minus the hard-boiled persona.

The story opens with Jim Vanning, a commercial artist eking out a living in New York City while hiding out from the law and a trio of very personable bank robbers who are interested in the loot from a job that Vanning inadvertently disappeared with and then lost.

Jan 30, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it Shelves: Some of these items ship sooner than the others.

Somebody I Used to Know. He’s just another schmuck like you or me who gets involved with a deadly gang of double-crossing bank robbing pros who set him up to be their fall guy in an ill-fated heist.


So it’s no surprise that he’s at his best describing lowlifes in cheap haunts and heisters looking for one last score. He behaves foolishly and can’t understand why.

The author of last year’s Dark Passage and this fall’s Behold This Woman Appleton-Century with a sure, sustained story of a chase when Vanning, accidentally involved in the aftermath of a bank robbery and the killing of a man, is left holding the bag- with the money- loses it davod his escape, and is wanted by the police, by the hoisters.

Since embarking upon a marathon read of David Goodis with the occasional nigjtfall of reading lesser novels by more contemporary authorsI have been completely stunned by his unique narrative voice.


But any way you slice it, it’s the old chase again. Because black was the color of a gun Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Get 10% off your first Library of America purchase.

Is he an innocent artist who just happens to have some very dangerous people interested in him? Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Nightfall is the third David Goodis gooids I’ve read, and I’m hooked on his compact, visceral, and vivid crime titles.

Nightfall doesn’t hold the overall bleakness and downright down-and-out-ed-ness that Goodis is known for, and the plot has a couple of areas that aren’t too credible, but this story has some nice things going for it even beyond the vibrant lingo, top-notch dialogue, and heavy hitting narrative. But I guess, in truth, I goodiss thinking more of certain movies where you realize the nigthfall is dead Jacob’s Ladd What happens in this book could be described as missing time combined, in the end, with the kind of psychological explanation they loved in the s and 50s.

Goodis tosses a love story into the mix that I thought was unconvincing, but that reaction was tempered by the knowledge that Vanning isn’t capable of thinking clearly.

May 25, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: My Take Nightfall is an interesting blend of a staccato-like series of events all smoothed over, almost like the humidity in this story, daivd up events, slowing things down, rolling over the rough edges.

Jan 03, Francis rated it liked it.