Book of Enchantments. Patricia C. Wrede, Author Point Fantasy $ (p) ISBN Book of Enchantments. Buy this book. Amazon. From a master storyteller comes this collection of ten new and exciting stories, including a tale about a wizard’s daughter who can change chestnuts into gold. This collection of short stories featuring enchantments offers a surprisingly varied selection. Most of the stories are set in a place of high fantasy–long ago and far.

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Rikiki and the Wizard – lighthearted and amusing. Definitely my other favorite. Probably recommended for middle grade readers but a charming interlude for anyone, I should think. She is a full-time writer. Patricia finished her first novel in late None of the stories eenchantments like filler.

Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede | Scholastic

Quotes from Book of Enchantments. Later a maiden approaches the knight and asks him to accompany her on a journey. The Caliph is a magician as well as a ruler, and notoriously quick-tempered.

Another takeoff on an old story gives readers a look at what would have happened to Sleeping Beauty’s castle if the prince had failed to arrive on time. Apr 10, Katrina rated it really liked it Shelves: A rather dark story, but intriguing. Quick After-Battle Chocolate Cake recipe: One is based on a fairy tale, another on a ballad, and a third was inspired by the biblical Those who like tragedies should eat this up.


Mar 15, Aidan Blake rated it really liked it. One rabbit gets killed and it is described a little. I’m not sure what Wrede is describing using the term ‘brambles’.

I especially enjoyed the “Notes from the Author” at the very end, in which Wrede does not sidestep the question of “Where do you get your ideas? These are fractured fairy tales at the very best. Stories with strong, cunning, self reliant women who triumph not because they are beautiful, but because they are wise. A frying pan was enchanted as a weapon by mistake, and the family agrees to help by finding the hero that can wield it.

Her interests include sewing, embroidery, desultory attempts at gardening, chocolate, not mowing the lawn, High Tea, and, of course, reading.

Retold tales, with a twist, and originals. Wrede though and especially The Enchanted Forest Chronicles so when I found this book at our library, I couldn’t resist.

Wrede has a gift for creating stories that just make me happy. Loved the reference to Vook Sisters, though. A fantastic collection for young readers who like not your average fantasy.

Short Stories

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The ten stories included are the following: Each rose contains ejchantments possible future for Adrian, success in work, love, failure, death, or continued bitterness against her sister. He has reached the end of his resources and his last hope is to ask the Earthwitch for help.


A perfect four stars. Dalton Booksellers, and finally at the Dayton Hudson Corporation headquarters. I must have read this years ago because I remembered all the stories. He also agrees to make the wizard famous forever. It’s not necessary to have read anything else set in these locales to appreciate either story I hadn’t at the time I read this collection, and still haven’t read any other Witch World fiction ; but in the case of the humorous “Utensile Strength,” spun off from Wrede’s own Enchanted Forest Chronicles https: I haven’t tried this.

My favorite story was the first, about a greedy wizard who unfortunately gets everything he wished for from a blue chipmunk god. I figured out the twist in this one pretty early. Adult readers will probably relate to this one.

She is a vegetarian and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her three cats. I love all things Wrede and this didn’t disappoint.