BEARS DISCOVER FIRE by TERRY BISSON (). [VERSION (Aug 06 02). If you find and correct errors in the text, please update the version number by. Terry Bisson, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Readers turn from “Bears Discover Fire,” a meditative tale that blends the. Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories [Terry Bisson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bears Discover Fire is the first short story collection .

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Another scientist said the bears were attracted by the berries on a new bush that grew terfy in the medians of the interstates. She blamed the bears. Not a word about Wallace Jr. It was dark by the time I got back to the house, and Wallace Jr. I like Rudnicki’s rich, deep, baritone, but it seemed somehow too somber for this tongue in cheek story. We were in my car.

Bears Discover Fire

To be honest, it feels as if the collection was written by two different people. The narrator, referred to by his nephew Wallace Jr. The median was all tangled with brush and vines under the maples, oaks and sycamores. While driving h Review just for the title story first posted on Fantasy Literature. The school bus let Wallace Jr. As with most sci-fi, I think you can look over some minor blemishes here and there if the ideas are interesting, and almost all of these are.

They were big, three hundred pounders, standing about five feet tall. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Oct 13, Josh rated it really liked it.


Next review in this series: If I’m right about that, then he is a very nice guy. I put the jack and the lug wrench and the flat into the trunk.

The fire was going and it was the same bunch of bears, as far as I could tell. He was wearing a white shirt, and I realized it was Sunday morning.

They just held the torches, whether out of curiosity or helpfulness, there was no way of knowing. It took a little bit for me to get into Terry Bisson’s style, but once I understood it, his stories became fun, sometimes lightly befuddling reads.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Permit Only A woman’s boss has a license for sexual assault, her husband has authorization to beat his wife, the KKK has a permit for a lynching, and her story has no plot. Recommended, if only for the best ones. It was like a created country. Other highlights include dialog-driven battles against ATMs and bureaucracy, the great psycho-sexual Necronauts to be filmed in 3-D by Brian Yuzna’s Komodo films out of Indonesia sometime soontime-traveling art-thieves, and, of course, the perennial shor A collection of, for the most part, bad-assed sci-fi and speculative fiction, including some great southern gothic stories about lobster-fighting truck drivers of the future, self-aware raccoons i think?

They were like bears themselves, each one solitary in his own uniform. Discovdr the beginning of the year I read the “Bears Eiscover Fire” in “The scret history of Fantasy” and decided that sooner or later I’d have to read more by the same author.


At first I thought it was the moon, but it was the high beams shining like moonlight into the treetops, allowing Wallace Jr.

Dark humour but very pleasant short read. I very much liked the narrators, the two men in particular had very distinctive voices that really set the mood for the stories they told.

The hubcap came around and we all took some newberries. I sell crop insurance. You do this by setting the tire upright, sitting on it, and bouncing it up and down between your legs while the air goes in. Here’s the IMDB link. It went back on but it was weak. During the course of the story, people find out that bears have indeed discovered fire.

Bears Discover Fire – Wikipedia

The Shadow Knows One of the longest stories in the collection, this first contact science fiction story is about the only one not written tongue in cheek. It was past dawn, and his grandmother had died sitting on the log between us.

Next In which a black discver applies for a marriage license and ultimately is sentenced for conspiracy to break the law prohibiting same-race marriage. Quotes from Bears Discover Fi Other winners of Nebulas: I had been meaning to drop them at the dump.