CiteSeerX – Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators!. Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines: A Scientific View Into the World of Free Energy from Electric Charges and Magnetic Fields. Front Cover . Get this from a library! Basic principles of over unity electromagnetic machines: a scientific view into the world of free energy from electric charges and magnetic.

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The goal of this work is to point out some important facts in construction of over-unity electro motors and generators, where output energy of the machine is greater than the mechanical energy invested on the input side of the machine. This induces a voltage in the coil that opposes the current applied. National Library of China — Beijing, China. DC to DC converter. Neal England, GB A very interesting book, it really gave me some new angles on looking at this fascinating subject, I will be reading it again, and will probably alter my thinking on some projects.

Check this out and join BitTube. New monetisation for all members. If some of the output energy of the generator is directed to the input side of the machine then perpetual motion can be achieved or perpetuum mobile. The paper was primarily based on other people’s work, but in the book there are also some ideas author checked for himself. Maxwell Ultracaps YT Subscribe. In a slightly unconventional manner, Milkovic explains the new drive and events which preceded its making The same is true with the electromagnetic field.

It increased my understanding why overunity is possible to demonstrate with tabletop models. What happens is that because the current was at the full 1 amp level when it encountered the impedance the voltage drop created by the iron core is induced on a wire carrying more energy. One of the examples cited is of one Daniel Quale machine. Although I do not think too much about unity, this book deserves to be covered.

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Basic Principles of Construction for OverUnity Electro Motors and Generators PDF, page 1

Now electromavnetic a second scenario, we take an identical coil on an air core and establish 1 amp, this coil has a much lower impedance being air core so we lose less energy in establishing 1 amp, but we also have a weaker magnetic field. Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. There are a few language translation errors that do not take anything away from understanding the content.

Down link is an early paper of Mr. University Library of Kragujevac — Kragujevac, Serbia. January 09, You look at them but you do not see them. It will avoid pathetic trials and errors.

Not very credible nor professional in my view. National Library of Serbia — Belgrade, Serbia. National Library, Singapore — Singapore.

Macuines interesting that the author blatantly mentions “perpetual motion” and an experiment where the laws of thermodynamics break down!

I Highly recommend this book to ALL serious researchers in the free-energy field, as well as ANY engineer who has any interest in generator or motor design. If you look at it we have just found why hysteresis works, the delay in magnetization of a core for whatever reason causes a loss of energy due to the fact that by the time it becomes magnetized there is a greater current flowing and the opposing voltage is working against a greater current.

I was looking for some validation on my own experiments. Home Community Help Login Register.

Yes, it gives some maths but only just very mathsNot too much maths but enough. Now let an iron core be attracted to our air core electromagnet, as bwsic is attracted we gain kinetic energy, but we pay for it too in increased impedance, as the magnetic field grows due to the iron creating a stronger field it will induce a voltage into the coil that opposes the applied voltage.


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Basic Principles of Construction for OverUnity Electro Motors and Generators PDF

Logged Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy Book: Goethe said that the biggest secrets were the open ones. If we used superconductors then there would electrpmagnetic no heat loses at all. Many thanks for your understanding. Rigol DSZ is one of the best 4 channel digital scopes on the market today.

Now even more Deep Discounts! October 18, People usually believe in what they see. People usually believe in what they see. November 20, Not very credible nor professional in my view. I hope the author will offer a second edition with lots of photos of working machines. Author already excluded heat loses. At the end of the book, in order to remove the last remaining skepticism in readers, a grade school example of one simple over unity motor should have been presented.

Not too much maths but enough. The new digital currency! Having been involved elecrromagnetic magnetics research for over 35 yrs. The same is true with the electromagnetic field.

The book has similar title, but is different.

Obviously the author knows what he is talking basiv. In communication with him to furnish acceptable physical proof of his claims, he was not only not cooperative, but down right hostile and belligerant for being asked to do so.