Description of the standard. This application note describes the measurement of interfacial tension between oil and water under non- equilibrium conditions. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method Scope

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If you do find yourself in a situation where you need a quick repair for your Du Nouy Ring or need to find a replacement let us know. d97

Are you prepared for the new transformer oil quality standard? – ASTM D971

This standard applies to detergents and soaps but also includes emulsifiers and surfactants. How many dynes per centimeter can a tensiometer measure? Our heavy use of petroleum products and the effects of hydrocarbon fluid contamination makes for an almost limitless list of applications that require testing.

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گروه مهندسی نیک صنعت آریا | برگه پیدا نشد.

There are many ASTM methods companies follow. Scientific Gear is a manufacturer and distributor of scientific laboratory equipment.

Are you prepared for the new transformer oil quality standard?

Measure and move forward. The latest revision for the ASTM D Standard test method for interfacial tension of oil against water by ring method dates back to Here are a few of the more popular ASTM methods relating to surface and interfacial tension:.


The test method determines the surface tension of popular substances including diswasher detergents and laundrey soap mixtures in water. Two-phase mixtures include a water and surfactant mixture containing air in the form of foam or bubbles.

The popularity of aetm ASTM methods require users to perform many of these tests day-to-day and in the process find themselves in situations where they either need to have their tensiometer ring repaired or replaced. Microfabricated polymer chips were utilized as tool for biomolecule separation in analytical chemistry. In her PhD thesis, she developed fabrication methods for a new type of inorganic-organic aztm. Our goal is to work with companies to help them make better products.

It includes water with two or more surfactants added. This will pose some new requirements for your measurement device.

We specialize in Karl Fischer moisture titration, general titration, surface tension, density and thermal applications. Here are a few of the more popular ASTM methods relating to surface and interfacial tension: Evaluating hydrocarbon fluid contamination levels is important in numerous industries including transformer oil aetm and most Fuels.

These platinum wire accessories while possessing a very f971 and durable melt-point can be damaged easily due to mishandling. Two-phase mixtures include solid particles with the aqueous mixture.

The high interfacial tension between new mineral insulating oil and water, indicate the absence of the most unwanted polar contaminants. Home page Products AT Blog. This allows rather short measurement times but can lead to inaccurate measurements as the surface active species present in the oil doesn’t have time to adsorb at the interface.


Written by Hank Levi. This standard is used to evaluate hydrocarbon fluids and possible contamination levels. Surface tension testing methods do not change when multiple surfactants are included in the mixture.

The measurement is done 60 seconds after the interface between oil and water has been formed. ASTM D applies to two-phase mixtures.

Damaged tensiometer rings can effect results so examine the rings routinely and handle with care at all times. The ASTM D standard describes the testing procedure that is atsm on the measurement of interfacial tension at the non-equilibrium conditions. The new IEC standard is about the be released to tackle the issue. Are you ready for the change? ASTM D states that it “is also applicable to nonaqueous solutions and mixed solvent solutions.

To get the latest updates on the progress and information on how to do needed updates, please sign up to our contact list. Interfacial s971 measurement provides a sensitive method to detect small amounts of soluble polar contaminants and products of oxidation.

Home page Products Blog. Subscribe to Email Updates. Industrieweg 35 NE Wormerveer Nederland info technex. ASTM D is broken into two separate sections based on the liquid mixture being astmm. ASTM D states “more than one solute component may be present, including solute components that are not in themselves surface-active.