AR 380-40 PDF

AR POLICY FOR SAFEGUARDING AND CONTROLLING COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY– (COMSEC) MATERIELCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. (U) AR , Policy for Safeguarding and Controlling Communications Security (COMSEC) Material (para ), 30 June b. (U) AE. This pamphlet will be used with AR , USAREUR Regulation , and Technical Bulletin Applicability. This pamphlet applies.

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See AR for additional information. This TB includes the following: When establishing an account, attach a signed copy of the CARP.

Control Access to a Military Installation

The following technical bulletin was originally made available in February on the document sharing website Scribd. An updated A need not be routed through your chain of command unless dictated by local command policies.

The request memorandum will be prepared using the general guidelines contained in the following paragraph. Indicate the primary purpose of the facility: U The CFAR will also contain a statement that the commander has evaluated the risks to the facility and found them acceptable ARparagraph b. Physical security description of the facility will indicate overall construction composition, to include walls, ceiling, floors, windows, doors, access control, and other measures designed to prevent overt or covert access.


The planned physical security measures must be described in detail. U Change of Security Level.

Prepare a statement, which certifies that applicable standards for the operation, storage, and destruction of COMSEC material can be met. U Additional Equipment Received.

The defined safeguards are achieved by the use of correct procedures for the control 830-40 access, storage, distribution, accounting, and destruction of COMSEC material. Approval will be obtained prior to establishing, performing major alterations that affect physical security, relocating, or upgrading the classification of a COMSEC Facility. Describe, in detail, how classified COMSEC material and equipment will be protected during non-working hours, or when not under the direct and continuous control of properly cleared and authorized personnel; that is, stored in approved containers, vaults, strong rooms, and so forth.

Intelligence and Security Doctrine

The procedures contained in this TB apply to both manual and automated accounts; however, some of the procedures and instructions contained herein apply exclusively to manual records, forms, and files. These standards are as described in Chapters 4 and 5. U This TB shall be used by: Conflicts between this TB and the aforementioned stated documents, which cannot be reconciled, will be reported to the U.


U Material and Equipment Security. The CFA is valid as long as the physical protective measures and security procedures, which were the basis for the approval, remain substantially unchanged.