“An Anarchist FAQ” is a FAQ written by an international work group of social anarchists connected through the internet. It documents anarchist theory and ideas. Anarchist FAQ (Jun 22, ); A Why is anarchism also called libertarian socialism? A Is it possible to be an anarchist without opposing hierarchy?. 10 Mar This is easily the most comprehensive FAQ on anarchist theory, history and practice available today. The Anarchist FAQ provides the answers.

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But without liberty and equality, society becomes a pyramid of competing classes based on the domination of the lower by the higher strata. Only in freedom will he learn to think and move, and give the very best of himself.

Thus anarchism comes from the fight for liberty and our desires to lead a fully human life, one in which we have time to live, to love and to play. At the least danger to its safety, it runs to cover of the state and wails for protection Such acts are the violent recoil from violence, whether aggressive or repressive That is not so.

The argument for amarchist if anybody needs one is as follows:. It is also rooted in struggle, the struggle of the oppressed for their freedom. Over the last few days the mainstream media in Ireland has finally woken up to the way This egoist basis of ethics reinforces the second social reason, namely that individuality is good for society for it enriches the community znarchist social life, strengthening it and allowing it to grow and evolve.

That the latter theory reflected the dominant political and economic theories of British society notably competitive individualism is pure coincidence, of course. We are sorry to have to include this question in an anarchist FAQ, but we know that many political ideologies explicitly assume that ordinary people are too stupid to be able to manage their own lives and run society. In an ecosystem, diversity is strength and so biodiversity becomes a source of basic ethical insight.


According to the FAQ, anarchism is synonymous with ” libertarian socialism “, “free socialism”, ” libertarian communism ” and “free communism”. Law, Authority, and the State. As Ret Marut points out, liberty needs solidarity, the recognition of common interests:. This is for two reasons. Anarchism is therefore more than anti-statism.

An Anarchist FAQ

Considering definitions from the American Heritage Dictionarywe find:. Capitalism will continue as long as such an economic system is considered adequate and just. Very often, a bourgeois writer comes along and writes down what has already been worked out in practice by workers and peasants; he [or she] is attributed by bourgeois historians as being a leader, and by successive bourgeois writers citing the bourgeois historians as being one more case that proves the working class relies on bourgeois leadership.

In this sense, collective struggle creates the organisations as well as the individual attitudes anarchism needs to work. The economic idea of capitalism, the politics of government or of authority, and the theological idea of the Church are three identical ideas, linked in various ways.

Both are essential as liberty develops only within society, not in opposition to it. See section B for further discussion of the hierarchical and authoritarian nature of capitalism and statism. If anarchists have one article of unshakeable faith, it is that, once the habit of deferring to politicians or ideologues is lost, and that of resistance to domination and exploitation acquired, then ordinary people have a capacity to organise every aspect of their lives in their own interests, anywhere and at any time, both freely and fairly.

And, just to state the obvious, anarchy does not mean chaos nor do anarchists seek to create chaos or disorder. To quote Emma Goldman again: It analyses and critiques current society while at the anarcchist time offering a vision of a potential new society — a society that fulfils certain human needs which the current one denies.

As George Barrett pointed out:. Or, anarcjist that matter, that they are any more intelligent than the masses?

In addition, the fundamental, guiding principles and ideas of society would be debated and policy decisions made, put into practice, reviewed, and co-ordinated. Without a high degree of co-operation from even the most victimised classes of society such as chattel slaves and serfs, its authority would eventually dissipate. Anarchists recognise that majorities can and faaq make mistakes and that is why our theories on association place great importance on minority rights.


Consequently, both of these attitudes hold enormous attraction to authoritarians, as a populace that is either unable to form an opinion about things and will tolerate anything or who blindly follow the commands of the ruling elite are of great value to those in power. Under the wage slavery system the wage slave selects his master.

In other words, majority fqa are not binding on the minority. Selected Writingsanarchistt. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

And, within anarchixt hierarchical society, solidarity is important not only because of the satisfaction it gives us, but also because it is necessary to resist those in power. Most importantly, the basic community assemblies can overturn any decisions reached by the conferences and withdraw from any confederation.

Considering definitions from the American Heritage Dictionarywe find:.

Anarchist FAQ – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

But is this correct? However, most anarchists think that direct democracy within free association is the best and most realistic form of organisation which is consistent with anarchist principles of individual freedom, dignity and equality. The Biography of an Anarchist ]. In this assembly, in concert with others, the contents of his or her political obligations are defined. People can disrupt and make suggestions, but the same is true of a slave society.

Not to do so is to support archy — which an anarchist, by definition, cannot do. It will be a human society, with all anarchiist problems, hopes, and fears associated with human beings.