Things have not gone well for Colin and Susan since they set about seeing off encroaching forces of evil, first in Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone. Boneland has ratings and reviews. Neil said: Over 50 years ago Alan Garner wrote The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and its sequel, The Moon of Gomra . Boneland by Alan Garner. Boneland book cover. logo Amazon. com logo. Rating / Okay, this is it, the book that I have been waiting thirty.

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The child twins Colin and Susan were semi-characterless actors in a fantasy tale. Colin, one of the twins from the original books, now middle-aged, is less appealing and, I’m sorry, but Garner got his surname wrong. The words Garner chooses, carves, inserts into his prose are perfect.

This was mostly dialogue between an unhinged genius and his psychiatrist. Afterwards he remembers everything – every minute of every day. Thank goodness for Alan Garner and his editor. I have real problems with this particular style. If you’re certain of anything, you shut the door on the possibility of revelation, of discovery. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I could go on, but I’d better not. Dec 03, Neil rated it it was amazing. First the good news.

Kindle Editionpages. No trivia or quizzes yet. Such was the impression his books made on me when I was nine or ten that I still have my original Puffin editions. His twin sister Susan is gone, when and where we don’t know at first, and Colin had no memory of her, or of anything which happened before bonelabd thirteenth birthday. His children’s books were powerful and popular, but never easy or comforting; his adult novels are lonely explorations of present and past.

Boneland by Alan Garner – review

He is also worried about his missing sister, whom he can hardly remember, and thinks he might be going mad, so he visits a psychotherapist, Meg, She tries to probe his memories, but there are some places in his past where he both wants to go and fears to go. But I will return to this book, as I have to its predecessors, confident in the knowledge that a further reading will reveal hidden layers like archaeology, and unlock further secrets. These sections of the book are told in a charged, elliptical, symbolic, highly concrete language: There is no hint of this a,an all in the book and it makes even the ‘real’ parts of the work seem unreal to me ] Join my 3-emails-a-year mailing list prizes.


In the first two garenr, Susan was connected to magic far more than Colin, through the gift of the Mark of Fohla from Angharad, and at the end of Obneland is left behind by The Daughters of the Moon.

A little later he describes to Meg how the best fire is made by combining three woods together. This book tells graner story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis.

Boneland (Tales of Alderley, #3) by Alan Garner

Posted by John Ward at Ursula Le Guin made a valiant attempt at making sense of the book. The author’s success hinges partly on his division of the character bonelnd two — the 21st-century scientist Colin and an unnamed stone age ancestor.

However it is beautiful writing and so full of atmosphere that I have to award it 5 stars. My parents garnrr me at the age of 10ish that they’d be too difficult for me, and I somehow never caught up with them later in life. Take a trip in a stranger’s head.

Eventually the children overcome the forces of evil, and are left in peace for a while. When a description of his strikes true, exhilaration sparks, and there are a few such moments here.

Boneland – Wikipedia

Professor Colin Whisterfield spends his days at Jodrell Bank, using the radio telescope to look for his lost sister in the Pleiades. I’ve made a detailed as yet unpublished because unfinished study of Alan Garner’s work and its effect on modern literature. His first novel, The Weirdstone of Brisingamenwas published in Perhaps because of the way it made me feel when I put it down- as if I’d been afforded a glimpse of some wonderful, terrible secret, perhaps even the secret to our existence and our demise.


Entropy and emptiness slowly wear at him.

So we bonelane witches, King Arthur and his knights sleeping under the hill to rescue England at its peril, a wizard, the Wild Hunt and even a chunk of Norse mythology. Colin is autistic, has problems with memory he remembers everything after the age of 13, nothing beforecannot relate to other humans, is searching the alaan for intelligent life, and hunting for his sister in the stars.

It touches on the Singularity, and who we might become on its other side.

Instead, this is a convoluted chronicle of shamanistic magic, coupled with the rambling exploration of psychosis suffered by Professor Colin Whisterfield Colin from the bonelnd books. The twist at the end is well handled, the finale both moving and satisfying. You must not go upstairs. The children encounter elves and dwarfs, goblins and killer cats, battle the evil shape-shifting Morrigan, and make their way through a patchwork of mythic events and battles, culminating, at the end of The Moon of Gomrath, with a Herne-like Hunter and his men riding their horses to meet the nine sisters of the Pleiades, leaving Susan, who needed to be with them, behind, wanting to go the stars, and Colin only to watch.

Alan Garner, and the cover of the 50th anniversary edition of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, to which Boneland is a concluding episode.