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You are not really wishing for Him, because when someone claims to wish for the Lord of Truth Glorious and Exalted is He while revelqtion is actually seeking something other than Him, his claim is null and void. If you really knew the Lord of Truth Almighty and Glorious is Heyou would be too preoccupied with Him to go looking for sustenance.

Its final stage is the renunciation [zuhd] of everything apart from the Lord of Truth Glorious and Exalted is Heand an attitude of indifference toward alf-ath and dirt, praise and blame, gifts and the withholding of gifts, Paradise and the Fire [of Hell], blessing and suffering, affluence and poverty, and the presence and absence of creatures.

O Allah, we take refuge with You from this condition. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. The sacred law gives training to the outer. But if you look at it with the eyes in your head, you will be distracted by its charm instead of noticing its faults. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private.

If your hearts were aware of this, you would feel sorrow and regret. O you who turn away from the Lord of Truth Glorious and Exalted is He and from the champions of truth among His servants, devoting yourselves to fellow creatures and associating with them, how long will your devotion to them last? I shall not yield to your deluded folly, O hypocrites, O pretenders, O liars!

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You are asserting this as true of Him, not of any other than Him, so whenever your heart relies upon anything other than the Lord of Truth Glorious and Exalted is Heyou are making your affirmation falsely, for the thing you have relied upon has become your god [ilah], regardless of outer revelaton. You are always going to excess, so curb your excesses during this hour while you are in my presence.


When this has become real for them, therefore, they do not place their confidence in those who praise them, nor do they fight with their critics, and they pay no attention to them. Then the days and nights may roll by them, and the months turn into years, but their condition will be one and the same, as they remain unchanging with the Lord of Truth Al-cath and Glorious is He.

Paradise belongs to upright keepers of the fast, to those who renounce and abstain from the desires and pleasures of the flesh.

In all your affairs you should be in the presence of the Messenger Allah bless him and give him peaceready with girded loins to obey his commands and prohibitions and to follow him, until the King summons you to Himself. O ignorant one, you give up listening to words like these, and sit there in your cell, with only your own self and your passions for company!

Al-Fath ar-Rabbani (The Sublime Revelation) | Sufi Books of Broken Hill

This is the inner, hidden kindness. Present us all to your Prophet Muhammad Allah bless him and give him peace and to our father Abraham peace be upon him. He makes him vicegerent in His kingdom, as the Pharaoh of Egypt made Joseph peace be upon him his vicegerent, delegating to him the power to rule his kingdom and its subjects and to administer his dominion and its resources, and appointing him custodian of his treasuries.

Al Lacy Books Tomorrow. Once it has become tame, it will become attached to the heart and will rely upon it. Are you not ashamed? He cuts them off from everything, and tests them with various misfortunes, disasters and ordeals. If he has some tasty food, he donates it to the poor, knowing that in the hereafter he will have something even better to eat.

He shapes them for Himself and creates them for Himself, not for any other. From you I want deeds without talk.

When someone really knows Allah Almighty and Glorious is Hehe does not get attached to anything and has no illusions about anything. You must recognize it as from the Lord of Truth Almighty and Glorious is Heand steer clear of idolatrous association [shirk] with creatures. You must make friends with those who do possess hearts, until you get a heart of your own. You must be calm and unobtrusive in the presence of the Lord of Truth Almighty and Glorious is Heand give up bad behavior.


Divest yourself of your power, your strength and your very existence [wujud], and throw yourself down before the Lord of Truth Almighty and Glorious is He without power, without strength, without attachment to material means [sabab], and without idolatrous worship of any created thing.

It cuts through anything on which it is brought to bear. I have severed material ties [al-asbab] and cast off influential connections [al-arbab], and I have come to You in haste, that You might be well pleased with me, and forgive me for having been attached to them previously. The experience of the heart is similar. You must be abstemious in all things, since you are now ready to accept His management [tadbir].

All he seeks from his Master is his Master [innama yatlubu min Mawlahu Mawlahu]. If an abundance of fortune [rizq] awaits you in the invisible realm [al-ghaib], it will come to you at the time appointed for it in the presence of Allah. You have words without deeds, and deeds with neither sincerity nor affirmation of Unity [tawhid].

You must develop faith [iman] and belief [tasdiq], and give up disbelieving the people [of the Lord] and quarreling with them. The shore is the hereafter.

How unfortunate for you, O creatures ar-rabgani Allah, that you do not really ar-rabani your Creator! Write a review Rate this item: Be aware of Allah and do not be ignorant of Him. You will see the hand of His mercy reaching out toward you, and His kindness [lutf], His generosity [karam] and His love [mahabba] all yearning for you. The people [of the Lord] are put to the test in order to elevate their rank in the presence of their King.

The Sublime Revelation (Al-Fath ar-Rabbani)

How can you feel at ease with yourself, when you are instructing others to do what you yourself do not practice? In your heart there is no genuine affirmation of Unity [tawhid], no true sincerity [ikhlas].

Islam [submission to the will of Allah] has not become a fact for you. Make it your practice to stay revelahion the black-on-white [i. I seek you for your own sakes.