The s20 manual is kinda hard to find, so here it is for anybody who needs it http: //?d=LW5K8HSK:D. The Akai S20 is essentially a repackaged hybrid of the original mono, Akai S01 of samples or for entering the BPM of a sample loop manually in BEAT mode. 9 user reviews on Akai S S20, Sampler from Akai. . on-can-easier when you have some skills in editing and sampling, the French manual is well detailed.

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Tue Mar 06, 3: Funnily enough Akai don’t seem to be as interested in emphasising this aspect of it as much as promoting it as a DJ tool, which they insisted on telling me it was at least five times, in a recent phone call. To achieve this trick you need to enter a beat count figure anything from 1 to 64 and the S20 measures the length of the sample,calculates the BPM x20 displays what it thinks the current sample BPM is, instantaneously.

Also wondering if either of these s20, s would translate their sound very well into the mpc?

Has been tested and works perfectly. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician or Akai Professional dealer.

MPCHunter ยป S20

A previous owner stuck a sticker on the side, but I never bothered to take it off. What I have zkai out about using it is, you have to do most of your samples in aiai if you want to fill up the pads, because the stereo samples is what sucks up the memory, and you’ll be lucky to be able to get more than a pad or 2 if you must sample in stereo.

Thanks for the info guys, I will be going to E-bay or craigslist and see which one of these I can get my hands on for cheap hopefully!

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I don’t entirely agree with this, for ajai start I think many people will be tempted to go for the full 17 Mb upgrade, particularly with the current price of RAM approx. No panning of mono samples. If the values do not match, the phrase correctly for some measures and not others.

I got the 16mb upgrade. So simple to get a great loop going quickly and augment it with further samples. This is my spare S20 so time to let someone else have fun with it. Normally pressing any button other than a BANK button ends the sampling and the sample will play back by pressing the same BANK button again, however things get more interesting if you want to sample a loop.

I bought a power supply for my DR as well, and my Electribes. The idea is to edit the sample upstream basically I like without me take the lead. It took me another half an hour to get it s02 so I could carry on with this review, kids, huh! After a lot of annoying and unnecessary loop adjustments and sample editingit occurred to me that if manuall S20 insisted on telling me that a loop was Production Skills Production Techniques.

For the price and compared the use is a good product. In fact, the way I work, I use it first thing in the chain to sample the sound I want quickly and easily define the beginning and end of my sample.

User manual AKAI S20

I returned to my first sampler and old gear for it, like what, tired of working on a single loop and replay the thing I wanted to work as before, quick and creative For the hard up musician aren’t we all? Manual Click this link to download the Akai owner’s manual. Sort by most recent most useful. Also offering any of the above solutions even as upgrade options would have meant additional chips and a more detailed and expensive display, this would have added too much to the cost of the unit.


Equipped with a linear array of 16 mo, this machine is a real kill, not filters, no effects, only few 16pads and MIDI volume, release I never knew you could downgrade the sample rate to 8 bit until I started going through it!

Bypoundaproblem Fri Jul 11, 1: However after voicing my opinions to Akai they told me that the S20 is mainly intended for the DJ market, hence the inclusion of the BEAT LOOP function and the sample pads and they see it more as a live looping tool, where saving and loading won’t be an issue.

SUMMARY A versatile, quality sampler only let down by the 1 Mb basic memory and the miserly 4 digit display but for this sort of price there is little to complain about. A BCAN gniale live thanks to his pads, and can tweak it to add 2 sockets dclenchement foot mine has a custom as does the store that sold it. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Lastmanuals, for instance, does not offer a translation service. Click here to visit listing on eBay.

Anyone have an opinion on the s20, in terms of lo-fi sampling. I do it again this choice without thinking, if you are looking for something simple and not making head then buy a S20!! Our members also liked: Look for a Casio RZ Fri Jul 14, 1: Bywinz Mon Jul 14, 7: If it can’t do this, I may well have to try to sell it on. Otherwise, directly into my MPC 60 for the grain. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Sampler – 16 bit, 32 kHz, 16 kHz, 8 kHz. Pressing any lit bank key plays the assigned sample.