12th Five Year Plan as per the draft document released by the Planning Commission aims at a growth rate of 8%. Other targets of the Twelfth Five Year Plan in different sectors are listed Hi, did we achieve the 12th FYP targets?. Twelfth Five Year Plan Planning Commission Government of India. Faster, More Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Volume 1. Download PDF. Twelfth five year plan (/)/Planning Commission, Government of India. .. inputs into the Plan formulation, and the reports are also available on the .. Foreign Trade Policy. FYP. Five Year Plan. GA. Geographic Area.

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Strengthen environment protection, strengthen geological disasters prevention, promote construction of key ecological function areas, continue to implement key ecological repoft, and build the national ecological security barrier.

12th FYP, annual budget top agenda of upcoming National Council session

China should upgrade its capabilities in indigenous research and innovation in science, technology and administration, train more innovative talents and improve education for workers.

In order to achieve those goals, the scientific teport is the theme while the acceleration of economic growth modes is the cardinal line.

We will establish and improve services standards systems. Achieve full coverage of new countryside social pension scheme, and increase the standard of basic pension. Give priority to the development of the public renting house, gradually make it the main body of the affordable house.

12th Five-Year Plan (India) – Wikipedia

Plan the development of the marine economy scientifically, exploit and utilize marine resources rationally, develop marine oil and gas, marine transport, marine fishing and coastal travel industries greatly, and expand marine biopharmaceutical, integrated seawater utilization, marine engineering equipment manufacturing and other rising industries.


Perfect the policies regarding agriculture, population, nationality and responding to climate change. Implement different pollutant emission volume control and environment standards to different principle function area. We will strengthen annual planning and monitoring, formulate land conservation standards 12tg reinforce evaluation of land use and conservation.

Promote the market-oriented reform of non-basic public service, further open up market access, encourage participation of social capital by various means…. Furthermore, we will actively develop inspection and testing, intellectual property rights, and science and technology achievements as well as other science and technology support reporr.

Develop energy-saving and environment-friendly means and modes of transport, and drop and pull highway transport greatly. Rationally define the borders of the city development, regulating the construction of the new towns and districts, enhancing the population density of the newly constructed districts, adjusting and optimising the using structures of lands used for construction projects, preventing the over expansion of super large cities.

We will regulate the development of personnel agencies, personnel recommendations, personnel training, staffing and other human resources services.

The new chapter of socialism with Chinese characteristics has been written. This plan will improve protection against natural disasters and mitigate their consequences.

12th Five Year Plan 2012-17 Targets

Strengthen the organic connection of railways, highways, ports, airports and urban public traffic, and accelerate the construction of integrated traffic hubs according to the requirements of zero-distance transfer and 12fh freight connection. Uphold and improve the distribution system whereby distribution according to work is dominate and multiple forms of distribution exist side by side. Improve the gender statistics system, improve the development environment for women.

Implement the focus rehabilitation and care service project, implement the urgency rescue rehabilitation project for people with disabilities between the age of 0 to 6, promote the “everybody has rehabilitation service”.

Increase the amount of subsidies for families obeying the family planning rules, expanding the beneficiary groups and establishing the dynamic adjustment mechanism. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Accelerate the comprehensive innovation of primary medical care unit, set up multi-channel subsidies to facilitate a new operating mechanism. Promote the localization of high-end looms and accessories. Promote independent brand building, improve brand value and effects, and accelerate the development of large enterprises with world-famous brands and core competencies. The construction of a water infrastructure to govern the tributaries of rivers and lakes enables high flood control capacity.

Accelerate building of the social management mechanism which combines tackling issues at their source, dynamic management and emergency response:. Alex is yfp founder of ClearIAS.

12th FYP, annual budget top agenda of upcoming National Council session – BBS | BBS

We will fulfill conservation priority strategies and fully implement the controlled use of resources, two-way regulation from both the supply and demand sides and differentiated management.

This is the revised rate when compared to the initial approach paper. Improve the social management pattern which features the Party taking the leadership, the government assuming the responsibility service-oriented governmentthe society social organisations, enterprises and public institutions providing collaborative support and the public engaged in orderly participation. Implement the government investment policy which is combining the arrangements that are in accordance with the principle function area and in accordance with sector.

Promote the extended cyp of distributed energy systems.

We will confront increasing resource and environmental restrictions, thus crisis awareness should be enhanced. Develop different modes of transport proactively in a unified manner.